Makenzie Vega Biography: 5 Fast Facts You Must Know About Her

Makenzie Vega Biography: 5 Fast Facts You Must Know About Her

If there is an actress to look out for in Hollywood right now, it is the delectable Makenzie Vega, an actress extraordinaire best known for her excellent execution of the role of Grace Florrick in the television series The Good Wife. She is one of those people who pack a punch into any character they aim to bring to life. She is still pretty young and has a lot to give to the industry, so there is no stopping or slowing her down.

Makenzie Vega Biography

Makenzie Vega was born on born February 10, 1994, to a Colombian father and an American model who was formerly a model, Gina Rue in Los Angeles California. She grew up with her elder sister Alexa Vega who is also an actress and a singer and five other siblings. Alexa was born on August 27, 1988, and had become the star of the family long before Makenzie made it to the spotlight following in her big sister’s steps. Also in the showbiz business is another of Makenzie’s older sister Krizia Vega, born on July 1, 1990, in Miami, Florida, the USA where the family lived before the move to Califonia. Kriza is not just an actress, she is also a production manager, having worked on popular movies like Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (2002), Hot Guys with Guns (2013), and Summer Song (2011).

She had her high school education at Dominican Academy, which is a private Catholic all-girls school situated on the Upper East Side, and graduated in June 2012.

Vega’s journey into the world of entertainment began when she was cast to play as one of the children of Teddie Cochran in The Geena Davis Show at the age of 5. The next year, she got another role as and was cast as Annie, the Campbells’ very gifted and talented daughter in The Family Man. In 2001 at the age of 7, Vega was showing no signs of slowing down as the roles kept trickling in and she was cast to play Chloe in Made which starred superstars like Vince Vaughn, Famke Janssen, and Jon Favreau.

2004 saw Vega showing up in the horror film Saw as Diana Gordon, alongside Cary Elwes and Monica Potter. Partnering with more superstars at such a young age, Makenzie Vega starred in Sin City playing a young Nancy Callahan alongside Bruce Willis. Following up she appeared in Just My Luck, X-Men: The Last Stand, In the Land of Women and Fender Bender. 

But the most famous of all her appearances is when she acted the role of Grace Florrick in the CBS drama The Good Wife. Her role in the series was recurring as a regular cast member for six out of the seven seasons of the series and in the season finale being the seventh season, her character provided critical plot elements that brought the show to an end.

5 Fast Facts You Must Know About Makenzie Vega

1. Makenzie Vega is no Longer Single 

Young as she is with her entire life still ahead of her, young Vega is not new to the dating scene but she is equally not one known for having had too many partners. Around the beginning of 2017, news emerged that the delectable Makenzie Vega is off the market to suitors and that she officially tied the nuptial knot with her heartthrob Blair Norfolk in a secret wedding. The ceremony took place over the Superbowl weekend in 2017 and the happy couple took to social media to share the good news after having changed both of their surnames to Vega Norfolk.

Makenzie Vega Biography: 5 Fast Facts You Must Know About Her

2. She Comes from a Family of Entertainers

Hers is a large family of siblings and step-siblings, but it is worthy of note that Makenzie is not the first actress in the family, she is merely following in the footsteps of her older sisters who are seasoned actresses who have achieved a lot under the spotlight. Her oldest sister Alexa is an actress and a singer while her other older sister Krizia is also an actress and a production manager. It is safe to say that the success of the oldest rubbed off on the younger ones as they are truly making names for themselves in the industry.

3. Makenzie Got the Secret Wedding Idea from her Big Sister Alexa

We learned that sometime back, probably before Makenzie knew of such things, her older sister Alexa, who had been engaged to Sean Covel, the producer of Napoleon Dynamite, got married to him in a secret ceremony that took place in South Dakota in 2010. This is not such a bad idea, it just means that the sisters prefer to keep details of their personal lives from the public and separate from their lives in the spotlight.

4. She has Been Nominated for 3 Awards

For all her prowess in acting and executing her roles so excellently, Makenzi has been nominated for three different awards including Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series 2010, Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series 2011 and Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series 2009.

She has not won any of the awards but hopefully, with the next round of nominations, she will surely go home with one.

5. Her Net Worth will Blow your Mind

Yes, she is beautifully talented and has been in the spotlight for only a few years, but Makenzie Vega is a force to reckon with. With the perfect hourglass figure and body measurements to die for, there is no doubt that this star is still brightening up. However for all the hard work, she has put in so far, her net worth has been estimated to be somewhere in the regions of $1 million. Quite impressive for one so young.