Malcolm Butler – Bio, Salary, Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Height

Super Bowl is a prominent sport today because of strong, undeterred people in the likes of Malcolm Butler, those who put in a lot of hours coupled with energy to get to where they are.

He is undoubtedly among the best. If you are unwilling to acknowledge this, his records and stats will definitely make you hide your face in shame. With many interceptions to his name (8 as of February 2018 to be precise), a profound capability of catching his opponent when they think they have taken the lead, and many other attributes; are things to admire about the renowned cornerback.

From his childhood days, Malcolm Butler has always shown signs of excellence and determination. He was not born with a silver spoon but he was persistent even amid seeming pitfalls. Having said that, it is needless to point out that the NLF star wasn’t always famous and influential both in and outside the super bowl. Read on to find out more about the player.

Malcolm Butler Age, Bio

Malcolm Butler was born on March 2, 1990, in Vicksburg Mississippi to Deborah Butler. While almost nothing is known about his father, it is common knowledge that young Butler went to the Vicksburg high school where he gradually learned the skills of various sports including track and field; flairs which would prepare him for the future.

Graduating in the year 2009, Malcolm who bears the Zodiac sign Pisces got enrolled into the Hinds Community College under a scholarship program. At this point, all those around him started speculating that he’ll be a bright star.

Malcolm in 2012 proceeded to the University of Alabama where he studied Physical Education. The star in Malcolm began to reflect when he began playing in the National Collegiate Athletic Association competition – Division 2. He represented Alabama’s Tigers recording 49 tackles, 43 solo, and five interceptions.

It was not just going to be all about inter-school competition for Butler. Thus, in 2014, he joined New England Patriots after he was recommended by his coach Chan Gailey to the team. Maybe it was also his impressive feat of breaking up 18 passes coupled with two interceptions while at the University of Alabama, that earned him a spot with the Patriots. Malcolm recorded great success in that year’s season which was when he also debuted his cornerback position.

Butler made name for himself when he saved interception at the goal line sealing a New England victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

The year after (2015) was another chance for Malcolm Butler to prove himself yet again. This time he was promoted by the team to a starting cornerback position. 2016 was also a good year for Butler, having had the first multi-interception game of his career, he also won his second Super Bowl championship.

Salary and Net Worth

Malcolm who plays for the New England Patriots has got a smiling bank account to go with his outstanding skills. The cornerback has an estimated net worth of $9 million. This includes his investments, his annual income of $4 million, and income from other sources.

The cornerback doesn’t rub his wealth on anyone’s face although his recently acquired BMW worth $230,000 may seem intimidating. Also in his car collection is an Audi that sure cost a great deal.

Malcolm Butler’s Girlfriend, Family

Malcolm who has four siblings is one of those celebrities whose personal lives have remained vague to the media. Very little is known about the father of the cornerback as he has never been mentioned by the player or by mainstream media.

However, it is a well-known fact that Butler has a son – Malcolm Jr. who was born after he won the Super Bowl; that was in 2015. Nevertheless, the mother of his child is not a popular name.

Meanwhile, those who want to know a thing or two about Malcolm’s girlfriend have been frustrated. As almost nothing is known about this aspect of the star’s life, the question – Who’s Malcolm Butler’s girlfriend – is a popular one.

While people have come to assume that the man doesn’t have a lover, he could be secretly dating someone. In all, it is pretty obvious that Malcolm prefers to keep his personal life private, so we may never know.

Butler’s Height and Measurements

Being great at football does not only require good skills, good physical attributes are also needed. Malcolm Butler’s weight of 87 kg which is good for stamina, is of great advantage to the NFL player who stands at a height of 5 feet, 11 inches.

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