Malina Weissman Age, Parents, Mother, Sister, Bio

Malina Weissman Age, Parents, Mother, Sister, Bio

Malina Weissman is one of the popular upcoming teenage sweethearts for movie fans. She is an American-German actress and model.

Here is her full bio including details about her parents and sister.

Malina Weissman’s Age/Bio

Beautiful Malina was born on March 12, 2003, in New York. Malina is fluent in Spanish, German, French, and English languages.

The young star with various potentials started out modeling before trying her hands-on acting.

At the age of 2, Malina had displayed interest in the fashion and movie world. By the age of 8, she signed her first modeling contract.

She debuted her modeling gaits while featuring in fashion shows and commercials for top fashion brands like Maybelline, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Levis, Calvin Klein, H&M, Benetton, amongst others.

In time the star launched her charming presence in movies. Her first appearance as the American/German child actress was in the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, playing the role of young April O’Neil.

Malina Weissman Age, Parents, Mother, Sister, Bio

Later she featured in the 2016 Supergirl series, playing the role of young Kara Zor-El, and in 2017, she became all the more prominent in the Netflix series, A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Malina plays the Violet Baudelairein character in the Netflix series. Violet is the eldest child of the Baudelaire family and an inventor skilled in mechanics. She depicted the role of the eldest sibling of orphaned children who seek to discover hidden family secrets as they battle opposition from their extended family.

The naturally playful character and a lover of books so far have appealed to the audience of the TV series with her character/role interpretation.

She has expressed her joy in wandering into the world of books in her leisure. Little wonder how she efficiently gives life to the book character she plays on the Netflix series.

The budding star has been said to share a resemblance with Alias star, Jennifer Garner, together with whom she starred in the movie, Nine Lives.

Malina Weissman Parents, Mother

Not much is known about her family but it is on record that she took after her mother in her modeling career.

The talented child model was discovered and projected by the same agency that signed her mother. Malina’s parents have been the bedrock of her support system.

Malina Weissman Facts

Malina Weissman is clearly loved and appreciated by TV lovers. At the moment she is enjoying an increase in her social media fan base.

Her favorite social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram where she constantly reveals her fun, happy and regular side.

The slender blue-eyed, dark brown haired celebrity summarized life in these words:

“Life is for strange adventures, midnight swims and really good food”

Malina Weissman Age, Parents, Mother, Sister, Bio

On that note, her favorite food is pasta with butter and cheese. Malina loves Chocolates

When not swamped with a busy work schedule, the girl who evidently loves life takes some time out to chill and unwind with friends.

Malina Weissman finds joy in doing the simplest things in life. She loves dancing, horseback riding, and synchronized swimming. Skydiving is tops on her list of future adventures.

Malina once expressed her love for nature.

Away from her glamorous careers, we may be looking forward to the star becoming a future animal doctor. She says it is her dream to be a veterinarian.

This is not surprising for a self-acclaimed animal lover. She loves cats especially.

Well, that’s not all the surprise there is about Malina. The young and brilliant star has shown interest in the cause of human and women’s rights. She has been vocal about the issue on her Instagram account.

Malina Weissman Age, Parents, Mother, Sister, Bio

5 Feet 4 tall Malina has also done financially well for herself. She is estimated to be of a $6 million net worth.

Jointly as a model and actress, Malina Weissman earns a whopping annual salary of $2.4 million.

With the pace of her success in the entertainment industry, the young girl is anticipated to be a force to reckon with as she keeps rolling in her big bucks.

There is no known information of Malina’s love life. Well, let’s just say Malina is too young to have a romantic relationship. There’s no rush. She still has ample time to enjoy life and experience that phase of her life.

Meanwhile, did you know she is a huge fan of Shawn Mendes?