Marcella Samora – Facts About Murdered Singer – Selena Perez’s Mother

Marcella Samora came to fame as the mother of popular well-loved Latin-American actress and singer Selena Pérez. Marcella and her entire family received so much more prominence than they thought possible from the rise to fame of the singer and actress who had other endeavors as a spokesperson, a model, and a fashion designer. According to some sources, she was called the Queen of Tejano music, and her contributions to music and fashion made her one of the most celebrated Mexican-American entertainers of the late 20th century. Her fame was evident all over America and beyond.

Unfortunately, this outstanding star was murdered by her former nurse, boutique manager and the administrator of her fan club. Her death shook not only her family but the world at large, Selena was laid to rest in 1995 but still lives on in the hearts of her mother Marcella who is also renowned for being the wife of the famous and highly esteemed musician, Abraham Quintanilla Jr. She has no famous occupation but is a loving and supportive mother to the two of her remaining children. Learn more about her in the facts below.

Facts about Murdered Singer – Selena Perez’s Mother


This proud mother of three talented and successful children was born in 1944 born in the United States, although the exact location is not known. Marcella Samora’s personal life has been kept under wraps as she has not disclosed any information about her educational pursuits or vocation.

She was born into a family of mixed races therefore, she is half-Mexican American and half-Cherokee Indian. She is of American nationality; her father is a native of Amarillo in Texas while her mother is from Colorado. The vocations of her parents are uncertain. Also, whether or not she had siblings and who they are is not known.

Husband and Children

Marcella Samora is happily married to Abraham Quintanilla. The couple met in 1961 when he was still in the military. He was stationed at a base near Tacoma, Washington. By 1963, they were joined in holy matrimony and had their first child, Abraham Isaac Quintanilla III on 31 December 1963. Four years later on exactly, June 29, their second child Suzette Michelle Quintanilla was born. Marcella had her third and last child Selena on 16 April 1971. While she was pregnant with Selena, Marcella was diagnosed with a tumor which was successfully removed before Selena’s birth.

Her husband Abraham left the military to pursue a career in music when he joined a musical group known as Los Dinos. They produced a couple of songs together and were popular at the time. Through his time with the group, he garnered a lot of wealth. But beyond that, his children took after him, especially Selena who turned out to be one of the greatest music stars that lived. Abraham III became a record producer and Suzettte is a Mexican-American drummer.

Selena’s Death

Marcella Samora’s Selena Perez was a promising young lady who shook the world with her amazing talent, skills, and beauty. Sadly, this colossal star’s life was cut short by a tragic incident that occurred on March 31, 1995. The Tejano Madonna as many called her, was killed by a gunshot wound inflicted by Yolanda Saldívar, the manager of her boutiques. Saldívar shot Selena at a hotel in Corpus Christi when she went to demand for the financial statements for her boutique. It was later discovered that Saldívar siphoned a lot of proceeds from the boutique and fired staff at will without Selena’s consent.

Moreso, Saldívar was the former administrator of Selena’s fan club and embezzled over $30,000 in subscription fees paid by fans. After the shooting, she was rushed to the hospital but died on reaching the hospital, all efforts to revive her proved futile. She was buried on April 3, 1995. Her death had a worldwide impact as reactions to her demise were compared to those following the deaths of musicians like John Lennon, , and U.S. president John F. Kennedy. Selena would be remembered for her astonishing work in music, acting, fashion and all other of her vocations.

Net Worth

Marcella Samora Quintanilla’s daughter Selena was a true legend who achieved so much during her short life span. Selena’s achievements exceed music, she was a fashion star with MAC cosmetics on a line that was regarded as the best-selling celebrity collection in cosmetics history. With her far fetched achievements, it comes as no surprise that she had a net worth of $25 million at the time of her demise.

Marcella’s husband who is also a famous musician has a net worth of $10 million and made over $35 million from a film he made about Selena’s life. Marcella enjoys all of the above net worths along with her loved ones even though from her endeavors which are not known and she has been estimated to be worth $500,000.

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