Marcelle Tagand Lear – Bio, Family, Facts About Adam West’s Wife

Regardless of the fact that Marcelle Tagand Lear has no personal claim to fame, she has been married to two famous men – one in the business world and the other in the movie industry. She was first married to John Lear who introduced her to the glitz and glam that comes with living a life of affluence. She also accompanied him to sophisticated events attended by influential people and celebrities. Through these events, she met her second husband, Adam West, a Hollywood actor known for his 1960s Batman role.

Asides being his wife to the end, Marcelle Tagand Lear also takes credit for pulling the actor up at a time he hit rock bottom and life was at its lowest for him. Below are the details of the significant role Marcelle Tagand Lear played in the life of the renowned Batman star.

Marcelle Tagand Lear’s Bio

For someone who has married into money and fame twice, too little has been unraveled about Marcelle Tagand Lear, especially her life before the spotlight came knocking. Her birth details are still a mystery and her early life and educational background are also left to the imagination. The closest inkling to her date of birth is the fact that she is two years older than her first husband and John Lear’s recorded year of birth is 1941.

Also, there is no indication that Marcelle pursued any career interest to date but she identifies as an American socialite. On the other hand, her second husband, Adam West, was born on September 19th, 1928, in the city of Walla Walla, Washington, United States. He ventured into acting in the 1950s and took his final bow as an accomplished thespian, complete with a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.

Family Life of Marcelle Tagand Lear

While nothing is truly known about her birth family, Marcelle Tagand Lear raised one with Adam West but before Adam, there was John. She was initially married to John Lear, the son of the founder of Learjet Corporation who is an airman, executive, and heir to the company. With John, she had two daughters named Moya Tagand Lear and Jill Tagand Lear but their marriage did not last for long.

In an ironic twist of events, John took Marcelle Tagand Lear to meet her next husband. At the time of their meeting, Adam West and his crew were in need of an aircraft for a Batman filming and it was Marcelle’s husband, John, who flew a Lear Jet to meet them at Santa Monica Airport, taking Marcelle with him to witness the filming and at the same time, meet the cast.

Marcelle got acquainted with Batman at the event and the attraction was undeniable. They became so close that her marriage couldn’t withstand it, thus, it crashed and she married Adam on November 7, 1970. With her second husband, Marcelle Tagand Lear had two more children, a daughter Nina West and her brother Perrin West. Nina found a spot in showbiz like her father. She is a model, actress, and TV show host.

Facts About Adam West’s Wife

  • She helped West overcome alcoholism

While battling with the challenges and pressure that came with his career and two failed marriages, Adam West let himself slip into alcoholism and almost beat himself to the ground save for his wife who helped him bounce back. She also encouraged him to dedicate some time to painting which has always been a hobby he chose to ignore.

  • She was his longest wedded wife

Quite the ladies man, much like his Batman character, Adam West was married twice before Marcelle came along. Although his first two marriages were done in a jiffy, he stayed with his third wife a record 47 years which is like a lifetime for a man of his caliber. In 1990, the couple relocated to Ketchum, Idaho, in order to focus more on their personal interests. They lived together as husband and wife until West lost his battle with Leukemia upon his demise on June 9, 2017.

At the time of his death, Adam West and his widow were estimated to have accumulated a net worth of about $30 million. Most of this fortune came from the Batman actor’s illustrious career as an actor and other ventures.

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