Marika Gerrard – Biography, Ex-Husband (Zoey Tur) and Children

Marika Gerrard – Biography, Ex-Husband (Zoey Tur) and Children

An unusual love life, a great career, lovely kids, and happy retirement are what constitute the life of Marika Gerrard. Journalism has been regarded as the fourth realm of society, this conclusion is largely based on the importance of the field to society. Journalism has been around for decades and is regarded as a noble course. This is the profession Marika Gerrard chose and practiced diligently for over two decades. She even went ahead to establish a renowned news station in 1983 alongside her then-husband Robert Tur. The company went by the name, Los Angeles News Service.

Marika Gerrard is the wife of the transgender reporter, Zoey Tur. The couple was married for over 20 years until they split. The news company they established had several achievements. It is known for covering high-speed police chases and other major topics. Marika who is also a videographer is credited for filming the 1992 attack on Reginald Denny during a riot and the famous OJ Simpson road chase in 1994.

There is no record that shows she has any misgivings or ill-feeling towards her ex-husband’s sex change, however, it is known that Katy Tur, their first child is terrified to even see her father, since he changed from Robert Tur to Hanna Zoey Tur.

Marika Gerrard Biography

Marika Gerrard was born in Los Angeles, California in 1955 and was raised by her parents in the same part of town. It is not known if she has any siblings or who her parents are and it is also not known which elementary and secondary schools she attended. However, she is a graduate of the University of California with a bachelor’s degree in Law and a Master’s degree in Philosophy.

Journalism has proven itself to be a field for the brave, especially for field journalists who go out to gather news stories like Marika Gerrard. Authentic sources have it that Marika began her career as a journalist with LA Times. She worked so hard at her first job and is known for the coverage of The Laurel Canyon Murders also known as the Four on the Floor Murders which occurred on July 1, 1981. This was the most popular story Marika covered in LA Times. She had met Robert at this time but had not discussed the establishment of their own news company.

Her next job was a position as the owner of the Los Angeles News Service. The company was instituted in 1983. It was a joint establishment that involved both her and her ex-husband. The popularity of the station stemmed from the recording of audio and video of hot and trending events at that time. Some of these recordings include the beating of Reginald Denny in 1992 and the 1994 O.J Simpson road chase.

Since childhood, Marika Gerrard has had a flair for photography, hence her delving into videography. She worked as an ariel videographer from the early 1980s to 1997.

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Los Angeles News Service has collaborated with other media houses to bring news to the masses since its inception and some of these stations include the morning radio station KFWB, based in California, KNX-another radio station, and the MyNetworkTV television station, KCOP. Another television station that LA News Service collaborated with is KCBS-TV located in Los Angeles and owned by CBS. Unfortunately,

Marika Gerrard is currently retired and the Los Angeles News Service is now defunct. She also does not practice journalism or photography anymore. But while it remained active, the LA News Service, won a couple of awards which include the National Press Photographers Association Humanitarian Award, three Television News Emmy Awards, R. Murrow Award for the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, and the Associated Press National Breaking News award.

Who is Marika Gerrard’s Ex-husband (Zoey Tur)? Children

Marika Gerrard was married to Zoey Tur, formerly known as Robert Tur. They met in 1978 when Marika worked at Westwood’s Bruin movie theatre and Robert was a regular patron. It was a clear case of love at first sight as the couple began dating soon after and in 1983, Marika got pregnant to Robert. In the same year, the couple got married and also welcomed their first child, Katy. They had a lovely marriage and welcomed their second child, James, in 1985. The couple lived in Los Angeles with their children.

Catastrophe struck in 2003 when the marriage ended. The reasons for their split were not known at that time but with the news of Robert’s sex change in 2013, the public assumed that might have been the reason for the split. Robert announced that he was transgender in 2013 and changed his name to Hanna Zoey Tur.

Katy Tur, their first child is now a reporter and works with NBC News. She currently lives in New York. She is reportedly not a fan of the LGBT community and has not seen her father since he transgendered. Much is not known about James, Marika’s second child, however, he is a practicing medical doctor, who graduated from Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey in 2018.