Mark Burnett Wife, Divorce, Kids, Family, Biography, Net Worth

Mark Burnett Wife, Divorce, Kids, Family, Biography, Net Worth

Mark Burnett is one man in the entertainment industry who has seen success in all facets of his career. He is a British television and film producer, author and president of MGM Television and Digital Group. His profile boasts of no less than 10 Emmy Awards with numerous other special awards and recognition for his works which have spanned close to 2 decades.

Outside of his very busy and eventful life, how about you get to know the background, family, finance and other vital details of one the finest in the film and movie industry. Here you will have for keeps all that we have gathered about Mark Burnett and probably discover you share a thing or two in common with him.

Biography of Mark Burnett

On the 17th of July in the year 1960 in London, England, Mark was born to Archie and Jean Burnett who were both factory workers at Ford Motors. He was raised as their one and only child in Dagenham, Essex in a Christian family. It has not been revealed what elementary school/s he attended, however, we know for certain that at the age of 17 Mark Burnett enlisted in the British Army.

The Briton was dedicated and committed to the discharge of his military duties and showed good leadership qualities such that he became a Section Commander in the Parachute Regiment. Mark served with the 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment in C Company between 1978-82 and as a trained combatant, he took and returned fire in the Falklands War.

By the year 1982, he emigrated to the land of opportunity – the USA on the invitation of his friend Nick Hill who worked as a nanny and chauffeur. On arrival, Nick intimated him of an opening for a live-in nanny with the affluent Beverly Hills-based Jaeger family. Considering his military training with its benefit of security, he was hired by the Jaeger’s. He worked there for a year before moving over to the Burt family in the beach city of Malibu, California where he earned $250 weekly for looking after 2 boys. Later on, he began working in the insurance office owned by the family and would also sell T-shirts on weekends.

Mark later left the insurance job as well as his T-shirt business by 1991 to join a French adventure competition called The Raid Gauloises. Being an astute businessman, he was quick to spot the opportunities still unexplored and modifications that can be made in the show to create more business value. Thus he acquired format rights for a similar competition and set up Eco-Challenge which as a result launched his career as a television producer.

Having discovered his path, it has been one career success after the other for the former nanny. Mark Burnett is best known for his work in the reality show Survivor for which he has taken home several awards. His other works include but are not limited to Donald Trump‘s The Apprentice, Rock Star, Toughest CowboyThe Contender Asia, and The Bible which became the no.1 new series in cable TV in 2013 across Canada, Spain, and Portugal. He also has to his credit and that of his wife; Son of God, Little Boy, and Woodlawn.

In addition to all these, Mark Burnett has put forward two works in writing which have been published. The books are; Dare to Succeed: How to Survive and Thrive in the Game of Life (2001) and Jump In!: Even If You Don’t Know How to Swim (2005).

Net Worth

There is no argument that Mark Burnett is a rich man. In fact, he is among the richest men in his line of trade. For all we have seen him do over the years and have been rewarded for as well as possibly earned from his other investments, his net worth is put at $438 million.

Mark Burnett Wife, Divorce, Kids, Family, Biography, Net Worth
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Family – Wife, Divorce, Kids

Mark Burnett got married to Dianne J. Burnett (née Valentine) in 1992 and had two sons named James and Cameron from their union. Their marriage seemed to have suffered a dearth of what keeps marriages going as the once happy couple and parents of two filed for divorce in September 2002, a judgment for legal separation was granted in December 2003 and they finalized the divorce in 2006 when their two boys were aged 8 and 4.

From an account of what life was like for Dianne when she was married to Mark, it was gathered that things probably went bad between the two before they divorced. She had to stay that long despite being unhappy just for her kids. Dianne has since moved on with life, remarried, and is doing well for herself.

After Mark Burnett’s divorce, he began dating Roma Downey an actress in November 2006 (some reports have it that they had been dating since January 2004). He proposed to her while they were vacating in Zihuatanejo, Mexico in the company of his sons, and by April 28, 2007, they became husband and wife in a ceremony held in their Malibu home.