Is Mark Wahlberg Married or Gay

People who wish to become celebrities are usually attracted to the attention, popularity and the wealth that comes with the title. Once they achieve the title, the problem of publicity sets in. They begin by enjoying the benefits that come with the status but soon start shying away from the media eyes for the sake of their private lives. However, it gets worse because even if the public can’t get a hold on what’s happening in their private lives, they make-up their own story in form of a rumor.

Mark Wahlberg is one of the most renowned celebrities in the United States. He is one of the celebrities that started out as pop teen and made it in life to be a successful actor, singer, producer and businessman. Just like other celebrities, Mark has to deal with rumors that usually stalk him. Some of the rumors have lead some to asking the question- Is Mark Wahlberg Married or Gay? In this post, we will try to answer this question as best as we can.

Is Mark Wahlberg Married?

If you thought that the successful actor-cum-producer is single then you will be disappointed to know that he is married. Not only is he married but he is also considered to be the best family man. Mark Wahlberg is married to a beautiful and equally successful celebrity Rhea Durham. Rhea is a celebrated American Fashion Model who has appeared on many major fashion magazines including the famous French Vogue, American and British ELLE and Marie Claire.

She has featured in 2000 and 2001 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows. This should tell you just how successful the fashion queen has been in her career. Mark met her in the year 2000 and the couple married in 2009 in a low-profile and private catholic ceremony held in Beverly Hills, California. Two years after into their relationship, the couple welcomed their first child in 2003.

Observers believe that Wahlberg has one of the most successful celebrity marriages in the United States. Unlike the many marriages of celebrities marred with controversy, suspicion as well as hostility; this couple seem to enjoy a happy and romantic marriage that has baffled many. In fact, many have asked him directly just how he makes it. At one point he decided to answer the question saying that he only makes sure he is there for his wife as a loving husband should be.

Another unique thing about the movie star’s marriage is the number of kids they have. So far, the couple have four children, two boys and two girls; perfectly balanced family of three ladies and three gentlemen. Don’t you agree? It is not clear whether the couple plan to have more children but it wouldn’t come as a surprise if they do as Mark comes from a very large family of 9 children.

Is Mark Wahlberg Straight or Gay?

Rumors stalk celebrities like a ghost especially the ones about their sexual affiliations. For some, there are enough pieces of evidence to suggest there is some truth to the allegations even if they come forward to deny and clear the rumors. For Wahlberg, the truth is as good as writing on the wall that he is straight. There have been rumors about him being gay but no one has come out to provide strong evidence that he is actually gay. In fact, Wahlberg is considered a homophobia (a person who does not support homosexuality) by those who practice this sexual act.

Furthermore, the superstar has come out to declare his faith in the Most High God. He did not mince his words when he admitted his past criminal life including drugs and attempted murder. He also said that it is his unperturbed faith in God that saw him through and is responsible for his success in the Hollywood industry. Hollywood is filled with atheism and Satanism and for a celebrity like Mark Wahlberg to admit his faith openly like that; it takes much more than just a personal decision. This is what makes us believe that he really meant it when he said he is not gay.

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