Mark Wahlberg Wife, Sister And Brother

Despite the fact that most celebrities would not admit it, close family members usually play very big roles in pushing them to the top. An unsupportive wife, sister or brother can actually ruin one’s chances of succeeding in the harsh and competitive life of Hollywood celebrities. Fans on the other hand claim to know their stars well but if you ask them about the important people in the lives of these celebrities, they surrender in ignorance. Thankfully, we are here to inform you.

If you are a fan of Mark Wahlberg then it may interest you to know some things about his personal life. In this post, you are going to get facts about Mark Wahlberg’s wife, sister and brother. Who are they and what contributions have they made to the success of this famous American actor, producer, businessman, rapper and former model?

Who Is Mark Wahlberg’s Wife?

Mark has one of the healthiest marriage lives of all the celebrities you might know about. He is married to the stunningly beautiful American fashion model Rhea Durham (age 37). She is among the most successful fashion models in the US having appeared on cover of respectable fashion magazines such as Marie Claire, French, French vogue and British and American ELLE. Rhea and her husband Mark started their relationship in 2001 and had their first child in 2003.

However, the couple enjoyed a quality romantic relationship for eight years before tying the knot in a formal wedding in 2009. Unlike other celebrities, the couple wanted their marriage to be a private affair and the catholic wedding ceremony was held privately in Beverly Hills, California. Most celebrity relationships are usually volatile and acrimonious; however, Mark and Rhea appear to enjoy a healthy and love-filled marriage and they have already been blessed with four children. Thus, it is a very fruitful marriage.

Many people have asked the actor the secret behind his successful marriage. While talking to the US Weekly, in June 2015, the famous movie star revealed that spending quality time together was the secret. The couple always looks very happy and in love; something that is extremely elusive in the celebrity circles. Critics with the notion that that celebrity relationships cannot flourish are hiding in shame and of course highly on the lookout for signs that could mean their love is waning.

Does Mark Wahlberg Have Brothers And Sisters?

If you thought the actor only has support from his wife then you are dead wrong because he also draws a lot of support from his siblings. Mark has many brothers and sisters including Arthur, Donnie Paul, Jim, Robert, Tracey, Michelle and Debbie (late). The most popular of Mark’s siblings are Donnie Wahlberg and Robert Wahlberg;

Donnie is an American actor, singer and film producer. He is well known as the founder member of the boy band New Kids on the Block. In music, the celebrity majors in hip hop, pop and Blue-eyed soul genres. Besides music the actor is famous for the role he played in the film series Saw as well as many other blockbuster movies. He is married to the beautiful Jenny McCarthy, an American model, comedienne, television host, screenwriter, author, actress as well as anti-vaccine activist. Donnie and Jenny married in 2014 have a child together.

The other popular brother to Mark is Robert Wahlberg. He is also an American actor and has played key roles in movies like Southie, The Departed and Mystic River. The 47 year old is married to Gina but there is only scanty information about his children (if any). Unlike his other celebrity brothers who are doubling as actors and singers, Robert appears not to have been endowed with the gift of singing or maybe he just does not want to sing.