Mark Worman – Bio, Age, Daughter, Married, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Mark Worman is an American automobile mechanic, who is also a television reality show star on Discovery Channel’s show Graveyard Carz. He is actually one of the creators of the automobile themed reality television show, that has been on for about 10 seasons on Discovery Channel. Mark overcame several odds stacked against him from an early age to pursue his passion for cars and became an auto mechanic. He loves repairing antique cars, restoring them back to pristine conditions and sometimes even overhauling or outrightly upgrading their original engines to much better ones.

Mark Worman’s Bio (Age)

Mark Worman was born in Springfield, Oregon in the United States of America on August 21, 1962. He grew up in the Worman household which consisted of his unnamed father and mother, Ruby Worman; he also has a sibling named Tara Worman – his sister. Mark was raised by his mother, Ruby as he sadly lost his father to a debilitating cancer disease in 1974 when he was just 12. Mark was reported to have some health challenges himself while growing up, but he got over them unscathed.

Things were not easy for the Worman family after his father’s death, and as a result, he had to drop out of Springfield Junior High School in the 9th grade to take up menial jobs to help the family out. Mark Worman took on several odd jobs just to earn some money, but right from a very young age, he had always been fascinated by automobiles. It was said that he would spend several hours looking through popular car magazines, and having realized his passion for cars, he began working in automobile garages in his local vicinity – learning how to fix and restore cars, and was able to save enough to buy his first car at 16 – a 1970 Dodge Charger.

About 11 years after Mark’s father passed on, and through hard work and dedication to his passion, he was able to open his first automobile garage which he called Welby’s Car Care Center in 1985.

Is He Married? Meet His Family (Daughter and Wife)

Mark Worman’s marital status is shrouded in secretive uncertainty as far as we know. He has not been known to have ever disclosed the identity of his wife, nor spoken of her on his automotive-themed reality television show or in an interview, and this has sent a lot of mixed feelings and insinuations through the minds of his followers and fans. Some people believe that he may not have been married officially and just had a child with his partner – whose identity has never been revealed; while some other people believe that he may have been officially married in the past and is only separated or divorced from his wife.

However, Mark Worman is known to have a daughter named . Allysa was born in 1991. She is also a television reality show star like her father and has starred with him on several episodes and seasons of his show Graveyard Carz. She was on the show right from its first season, but took a break off the next 3 seasons, returning only in the 5th season and has since been a regular feature on the show since then.

Just like Mark Worman, Allysa Rose shares his passion for repairing old exotic cars and restoring them back to pristine conditions. Allysa is married to Australian footballer, Jose Rose, and they have two very adorable children together – a daughter named Emma and a son named Brooklyn. Josh has also made guest appearances on the show Graveyard Carz alongside his wife.

As of 2019, reports on Allyson’s marriage have it that there was friction in her marriage. They have now split and live separately. Allysa did admit in an interview that she and her husband did have a lot of issues between them, but regrettably, they were unable to work them out. There are reports that she has moved on and is now dating a certain Anthony Johnson, even though she is not yet officially divorced from her husband, Josh.

Mark Worman’s Net Worth

Mark Worman has not personally disclosed his net worth, but reports have it that his net worth is modestly put between $500,000 and $2 million. He is the owner of Welby Car Care center, a shop that works on antique cars and sells them at a decent profit, and he is also one of the three that created the reality television show Graveyard Carz – which he also produces and features in, therefore some people believe that Mark should be worth more than $2 million, as his earnings from his garage and television show should further boost his income.

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