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While many people across the world spend their entire lives doing whatever they can just to get famous, there is a class of them who achieve that feat simply by associating with the “right person”. Martie Allen belongs to the latter category of humans. An American-born media personality and a bonafide celebrity, Allen is best known in media circles for her relationship with multitalented Hollywood star . These two have been together since forever and their relationship has received much media attention over the years.

Martie Allen – Bio

Martie Allen was born on the 15th day of April 1960. Information about her early education is not available but she is said to have been interested in acting at a young age. It is unknown if she tried venturing into acting at any point in her life but through an interesting twist of fate, she has come to be known for her relationship with a former child actress.

Family – Is She Married, Who Is Her Husband?

Facts about Martie Allen’s birth family, parents, siblings or any other relatives are not known to the media. Also, Martie Allen does not have a husband and has never been married. However, she is in a long-term romantic relationship with former Hollywood actress Kristy McNichol who is also a comedian, producer, singer and all-round Hollywood star.

This same-sex couple has lived together for well over 2 decades. It is unclear when they both first got together or how their relationship began but they are known to have been a live-in couple since the early 1990s.

Allen and her partner McNichol have so many things in common, including being in the same age bracket. They are also known to keep their personal affairs private even though they are quite prominent. It is generally believed that they are yet to get married, however, there are a few reports that they may indeed have tied the knot in a private ceremony during the earlier years of their relationship.

Martie Allen’s relationship with Kristy McNichol came to the knowledge of the public in 2012 when the latter made the announcement during an interview with People magazine. Prior to this time, McNichol had been living as a closeted lesbian even though there were wide speculations in the media over her true sexual preferences. She came into the limelight as a child actress but her sexuality remained a secret all through her teens.

Born in Los Angeles, California, McNichol has Irish ancestry on her father’s side while on her mother’s side, she has Lebanese ancestry. As a child star, she appeared in several TV commercials alongside her equally popular brother Jimmy McNichol. She was eventually introduced to acting by the late Cuban-born film and TV actor Desi Arnaz who was a friend to her family.

Kristy McNichol appeared in several hit TV shows as a child actress, some of them include Starsky & HutchThe Bionic WomanLove American Style and The Love Boat. As a teenager, she played the role of Letitia “Buddy” Lawrence on the hit series Family (1976–80). The role is considered to be her breakout role and she also won two Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actress for her performance. She easily became one of the biggest teen stars of that era.

McNichol also delved into music in the late 1970s alongside her brother Jimmy. Her acting career remained active until the early 2000s when she announced her retirement. Since then, she has stayed out of the media eye as much as possible and now works as an acting teacher at a private institution in Los Angeles. She also devotes a great deal of her time to charity work. Apparently, she seems to be enjoying her life away from the spotlight.


Other Facts

Martie Allen and her partner Kristy McNichol both offer help to younger individuals who are bullied for their sexuality. This comes as no surprise knowing the challenges McNichol encountered herself when she was much younger even though she was already a big Hollywood star at the time.

Unlike her partner McNichol who has short brown hair, Martie Allen sports a mane of long blonde hair.

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