Martina Jones – Biography, Husband, Parents, Siblings, Family, Net Worth

Martina Jones is a popular Swedish-American supermodel famous for being the daughter of the legendary musician and former model, Ulla Anderson. Coming from a lineage of successful celebrities, Martina trailed her mother’s footsteps, thus establishing herself as a successful model. In her heydays, She modeled for several notable brands and also appeared on the cover of top fashion magazines such as Playboy and many others.

Beyond being a model, she is also a talented dancer and a photographer. Jones is a lover of nature and has shown this special attraction through her photography career. She is equally active on social media where she shows off her photography skills to the admiration of her many fans. There are so many interesting things worth knowing about this model and we have put them together under the following headings. Read on…

Martina Jones – Biography

Quincy Jones’ daughter was born sometime during the mid-60s and was given the name Martina Jones at birth. Martina is a very private person; hence nothing much is known about her early life, including the year, month, and the day she was born. She is the first child between Quincy Jones and Ulla Anderson. The model has dual nationality of Sweden and America as well as mixed ethnicity.

Growing up, Martina spent her early years in California along with her parents and only brother Quincy Jones III. However, her parents divorced when she was very young which led her mother to relocate to Sweden with Martina and her brother. There, she spent most of her formative years.

Regarding her educational background, the model has not given much insight into her educational details. In view of this, it is not known what schools she attended and when she graduated. The much we know is that the model reportedly moved back to the United States to live with her dad in her late teenage years. Here, she enrolled in a dance class where she later acquired a degree after a few years.


While she became so good in dancing, Martina Jones also developed an interest in modeling which led her to trail the same career path as her mother. She went on and established herself as a supermodel in the American modeling industry. She did several modeling gigs with top modeling agencies. However, there is a dearth of information regarding her career and the brands she has worked with.

Martina garnered her breakthrough in 1994 when she appeared on the cover of the March edition of Playboy magazine. Afterward, she did a few more gigs before she discovered she has an undeniable passion for photography. As a result, she left her modeling career and dabbled into photography. She has this flair for capturing butterflies and other views of nature. She often posts her works on her Instagram page for her fans to see and admire beautiful nature.

Additionally, the model was also seen in a 2018 docu-film titled Quincy. The series revolves around the life of her father Quincy Jones and his family. It was directed by her sister,, and Alan Hicks. After it was released, the series went on to clinch the Best Music Documentary Award at the 2018 Critics Choice Documentary Awards. Martina has also done voice-over works in films like The Wiz, among others.

 Family: Parents, Siblings, and Husband

Martina Jones came from a star-studded family. Born to a legendary musician and a supermodel, she also has a bunch of talented siblings. Her mother, Ulla is a well-known Swedish model, actress, and singer. She met Martina’s father, Quincy in 1966 when she was 19. After a few years of a successful relationship, they got hitched in 1967 but 7 years later, they went their separate ways.

Martina’s father, Quincy, on the other hand, is an award-winning American music star and record producer. He has been active in the American entertainment industry for over 6 decades and counting. Quincy has worked with music legends such as , Frank Sinatra, and many others. Asides Ulla, he also married two other women and had a total of seven children from five different relationships.

Martina has one biological sibling – a brother named Quincy Jones III from her mother’s marriage with Quincy. Through her father’s other marriages and affairs, she has five other step-siblings which include – Jolie (from his marriage with Jeri Caldwell) and Rachel Jones (from his affair with Carol Reynolds). Others are actresses – and Rashida Jones (from his marriage with Peggy Lipton), and model Kenya Jones (from his relationship with Nastassja Kinski).

On the relationship front, we are not sure if Martina Jones is in a relationship or not. There are no records regarding her relationships both past and present anywhere on the internet. The much we could gather is that she lives in California with her dog named Zuko. Meanwhile, she often visits her mother in Stockholm, Sweden.

Martina Jones’ Net Worth

Martina Jones has had an eventful modeling career which has brought wealth and fame her way. She has made a lot of money from modeling as well as her photography career. Although her net worth is said to be running in millions, she is yet to reveal her exact net worth to the media. However, her father Quincy has a staggering net worth of $400 million.

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