Who is Masika Kalysha, Her Relationship With Fetty Wap, Her Net Worth, Age 

Masika Kalysha became famous for many things. Personally, she is recognized as an American actress in Hollywood, a television personality, an urban model, an aspiring singer, and a lover of music who has featured in a couple of best-selling music videos. Beyond these laudable accomplishments of hers exists her tale of acquaintances with many big names in the entertainment industry.

Here you will find out about her relationship with the Trap Queen king Fetty Wap, her net worth, and her age, but first of all, it is worth intimating you about her background.

Who is Masika Kalysha?

Masika is not older than the 7th day of June 1985 when she was born in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America. She spent most of her childhood in and around Chicago with her older brother and sister. She is of American nationality with African-European ethnicity.

It has not been revealed what identities her parents hold, but reports have it that their family was a simple one and the mum and dad of three were doting to the kids they gave birth to. Masika wasn’t too good with academics and from an early age, her father advised her to consider pursuing a career in acting and the likes which she was naturally gifted for and wouldn’t sweat to mimic a character. She took heed of this advice and it is one of the reasons for which Masika Kalysha is famous today.

After her graduation from a local school in Chicago, Masika started life as an independent young woman by seeking for acting roles in the film industry but she met with disappointment as she couldn’t secure even a single minor role. To make ends meet, the Chicago native took up a job as a hostess and after some time she ventured into modeling which saw her taking shots for the Playboy Scripted series 7 Lives Exposed

Being that she had the talent for the screen, she pulled off this gig well and further secured deals to feature in music videos alongside the likes of Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Waka Flocka.

On television, Masika played a role in the film titled Prey which was released in 2017. Before that, she had been part of another named 7 Lives Xposed (2013) and Three Can Play That Game (2007). She starred in her own reality show with her baby bump titled Pregnant in Pumps. Masika Kalysha is still very much active in the movie industry and we expect to still see her do some more movies, films or become part of a television series.

Masika Kalysha’s Net Worth

Masika is well off on her own. Reports put her net worth at $200, 000 with a possible annual income close to $100, 000. Being that she is still active and very much attune with trends and developments in the entertainment industry, we should still see her get involved in some more television and/or music video projects.

Her Relationship With Fetty Wap

Masika is an unmarried woman but has been in several romantic relationships and has a child she got out of the longest relationship. Her first known love interest was American rapper Gucci Mane who she began dating in late 2012 until their relationship ran out of steam in 2014. She was briefly with Jamal Rashid in 2014 before Yung Berg won her heart over till 2015.

After this relationship ended, the model and actress began dating Fetty Wap in 2015 and this was hugely publicized. She went on to get pregnant with her first child which was revealed to her at a breast reduction consultation. She was at first shocked to learn that she was pregnant just as Fetty expressed shock about the pregnancy too.

Fetty denied being responsible for the baby which connoted that he felt Masika was cheating on him. The model on her own part wasn’t pleased by this denial of responsibility from her once cherished boyfriend and thus as expected, a social media feud ensued between the two. Fetty is one musician who has had kids with several different women both known (celebrity) and unknown, so it wasn’t surprising to Masika’s fans when the drama between their idol and the musician happened.

Masika has since given birth to a baby named Khari Barbie Maxwell who was born in the year 2016. Masika and Fetty are no longer together and she is also known to be single and not dating at the moment. Perhaps, she is giving her baby the utmost attention he desires.

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