Mateo Bowles Biography – Everything You Need To Know

Just like most kids, Mateo Bowles discovered his passion for dancing while he was still a toddler. Ever since the age of three, he has worked so hard to become the best at what he does. The teenage dancer is recently a gamer changer in his circuit and has massed thousands of subscribers on YouTube. Mateo is not just a dancer, he also is a rapper and a YouTube influencer. His style of dance is widely copied by teenagers and adults. His social media presence is an extension of what he does on YouTube. His Instagram account has over 40 short videos which have attracted about over a million plus followers and still counting.

However, Teo, as he is popularly called, wouldn’t have gotten to the height he is now without the efforts of his elder brother, Ayleo, who also is a dancer and a rapper. Together, they form the dance and rap duo dubbed Ayo and Teo. The dance videos made by the duo are widely appreciated and are always going viral whenever they are uploaded.

Mateo Bowles’ Biography

Mateo Bowles was born on August 29, 1999, in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the United States of America. Since he is not much of a talker and very little is known about his parents and siblings. The only sibling known to be related to Mateo is his elder brother, Ayleo Bowles. Mateo started dancing at a very early age. His interest in dancing was highly influenced by his elder brother who was age six at the time. No event with regards to their childhood is on the record or available for the public. Mateo is probably in high school or in college, whichever the case may be, it is yet to be confirmed.

Music Career

It cannot really be established whether Mateo Bowles wants to make a career out of dancing or not.  However, as it stands, it can be seen that he loves what he does and is breaking new grounds.

He started out when he was still a toddler and worked really hard to get better as the day comes. Mateo Bowles and his older brother, Ayleo Bowles practiced in their grandmother’s basement. He moved from participating in school events to competing in stand up dance halls.

Teo’s dance pattern can be said to be a blend of and hip-hop, lockin’ poppin’, freestyle, and the American rhythm. A decent combo of these various genres is found in his style of dancing and the end result is always a delightful, electrifying and extremely sublime dance offering.

Having perfected their craft Mateo Bowles and his brother, Ayleo sought for a way to showcase their flavor to a wider audience and they turned towards YouTube where they created a channel in 2011. The content of the channel has a blended mix of original choreography and various in vogue themed challenges.

The talented brothers are so passionate about what they are doing. In January 2017, the duo released a song titled “Rolex” and did a dance video which was viewed by about 77 million people and in March of that same year, they dropped “Lit Right Now” which hit about 2 million views and is still counting.

Facts About The Duo – Ayo and Teo

Ayo and Teo were both interviewed in Durtty Daily Unheard where they talked about how “Rolex” became a challenge. According to Ayo, it was just a freestyle between the duo.  However, Teo decided to dance to the song and afterward posted on YouTube. It turned out to be an amazing video and subsequently become a challenge which went viral.

The duo has their own challenge called the REVERSE, where they perform the original dance steps of a music video in reverse order.

The duo performed in one of Usher’s Music tour. The performances were not really covered for long and as such did not go viral.

They danced at the BET Awards in 2016 and also headlined a show by iHeart Memphis which held at the Jackson Theatre, Michigan.

Mateo Bowles brother, Ayleo Bowles, who is the one half of the Ayo and Teo dance duo was born on the 30th of October 1996 which makes him the older brother of Mateo Bowles. He attended the  Willow Run High School. Ypsilanti, Michigan before proceeding to the University of Michigan.