Matt Wieters Bio, Stats, Salary, Wife and Other Facts You Need To Know

Most athletes participating in various sporting activities across the globe started building up their talents or were groomed from the grassroots level. People like Matt Wieters are products of a successful grassroots sports project. They started in high school and were given scholarships to colleges where they continued developing until they eventually went pro.

Today our attention is drawn to one of America’s prodigy, Matt Wieters who played baseball through high school and college, and now he is a professional Major league baseball player. He has over 9 years of professional experience in Major league baseball and has a number of individual awards to his name as a sign of his achievements so far in the game. Matt Wieters is one of few baseball players capable of batting on both sides. He plays as a catcher for the Washington Nationals.

Matt Wieters Biography

Matt Wieters is a professional baseball catcher, born in Goose Creek, South Carolina, United States. He was born as Matthew Richard Wieters on May 21, 1986. His passion for baseball was never a thing to doubt, he played baseball all through his high school days at Stratford high school and also in college at Georgia Institute of Technology. During his time with his high school baseball team the Knights, Matt was coached by John Chalus who is also a popular public figure then and was the school’s history teacher. The Knights won a handful of high school competitions with Wieters leading the ranks.

At college, his success story continued. He played for the Yellow Jackets and was coached by Danny Hall. The team played its home games at Russ Chandler Stadium. Wieters has a record of being one of only three Yellow Jackets players in history to be named first-team All-American on not less than two occasions. Matt Wieters was named a first-team All-American in 2006 by Baseball America. In 2007, he was also named a first-team All-American by All-Atlantic coast and He is one of few notable Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets players to have made a big impact in professional baseball, others are Jason Varitek, Erskine Mager, Matt Martin, Mark Teixeira and many more. Matt Wieters won a few championship titles with the Yellow Jackets and also earned himself a handful of individual awards.

During the 2007 draft, Wieters was drafted in the first round and 5th overall by Baltimore Orioles and signed a $16million deal with Baltimore Orioles on August 15, 2007. Before he made his debut for Baltimore Orioles, he played for minor league team Honolulu sharks and a few other minor league baseball teams.

Matt Wieters made his professional Major league baseball debut on May 29, 2009, for Baltimore Orioles against Detroit Tigers. At the time of his debut, Matt Wieters was 23 years and 8 days old. His debut made him the 17,167th debutant in the history of Major league baseball.

In 2011, he was listed in the All-star game, and also won the Gold Glove award for best defensive catcher in American league and the Fielding Bible award for the best defensive catcher in MLB.

In 2012, Wieters was listed again in the All-star game for the second year in a row. He also won another Gold Glove award for the second time in a row.

In 2014, an injury on his right elbow made him miss the All-star game, despite being injured he was still listed in the All-star team. He was voted as America’s league-best catcher to start in the All-star game but unfortunately could only make the bench due to his injured right elbow.

In 2016, Matt Wieters was in a remarkable run of form, collecting a career-high 5 hits after going 5-for-5, scoring 2 runs, also getting a double and a triple in Baltimore Orioles comeback win over San Francisco Giants in an 8-7 thriller. He ended the year on a high and was listed for the fourth time in his career in the All-star team. At the end of the season, his contract with Baltimore Orioles expired and he became a free agent for the first time in his career.

On February 24, 2017, Matt Wieters signed for his current and second Major league baseball team. He signed a two years contract with Washington Nationals, which would expire in 2019 and render him a free agent.


Matt Wieters Career Stats:

  • At bat (AB) — 3621
  • Batting average (BA) — .252
  • Home runs (HR) — 130
  • Run batted in (RBI) — 496
  • Stolen base (SB) — 8
  • On-base percentage and slugging (OPS) — .726
  • Hits (H) — 912

Matt Wieters 2018 Stats:

  • At bat (AB) — 65
  • Batting average (BA) — .231
  • Home runs (HR) — 3
  • Runs batted in (RBI) — 7
  • Stolen base (SB) — 0
  • On-base percentage and slugging (OPS) — .727
  • Hits (H) — 15

Salary and Net Worth

When he signed his first professional contract in 2009, Wieters’ market value was $400,000 but today his current market value is $21 million. Matt Wieters is guaranteed an annual total salary of $10.5million at the end of each of his 2 years deal with Washington Nationals. The American pro baseball player has an estimated net worth of $17 million an amount he garnered from contracts and endorsements.


Matt Wieters is married to his longtime sweetheart Maria Wieters. The couple have been married for close to a decade now and have two kids together. The couple first met at Georgia Tech where Matt’s baseball career practically started and has since kept their marital life away from the public view. However, they are actively involved in a campaign against animal cruelty alongside the mayor of Baltimore.

Other Facts You Need To Know

  • Matt Wieters bats on both sides and throws with his right hand.
  • He wears the number 32 Jersey for Washington Nationals.
  • He is a Christian.
  • He stands at 6’5” tall.
  • He weighs 106kg.

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