Max Martini (Actor) – Bio, Wife, Family, Height, Weight, Net Worth

Max Martini (Actor) – Bio, Wife, Family, Height, Weight, Net Worth

Max Martini is an American actor who has become famous for his appearances in theatre, TV, and movies. Since he began his career in 1981, the actor has gone on to appear in many productions such as Behind Enemy Lines (1996) and Fifty Shades of Grey (2015). Although he has done many successful works, he is not necessarily one of those that are too much in the eyes of the public. That said, here are things to know about him.

Max Martini (Actor) Biography

Of Canadian and Italian descent, the actor was born Maximilian Carlo Martini on December 11, 1969, in New York. He was raised alongside two siblings, Christopher Martini, and Michelle Martini. It is not surprising that he found his way into the world of creativity as his father was a sculptor and reformist artist while his mother was a private investigator.

The actor and his siblings were mostly brought up by their mother, Patricia Martini Margolin after the marriage between their parents ended in a divorce. The next marriage of Pat would see the family moving to Salt Spring Island to live on a farmhouse where Max, his brother, and sister grew up.

It was here that they attended prep school, but with the actor and director, Stuart Margolin as their stepfather, the kids were often pulled from school to travel with their parents to film locations. This became one of the most important things that would pull them into the entertainment business.

He began acting when he was much younger, something that his brother Christopher Martini is also into. At first, he chose to follow something close to what Raffaelle Martini Pandozy, his father did by going to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and sculpture from the School of Visual Arts, but would later find his way as an actor.

Max began his professional acting career in 1985 when he appeared in the film, The Glitter Dome, followed by Paramedics (1988), Pictures of Baby Jane Doe (1995), and then Contact (1997). He took part in many more movies with the most popular being Saving Private Ryan (1998), Fifty Shades of Grey (2015), Fifty Shades Darker (2017), and Fifty Shades Freed (2018). It was said that in 2008, he turned down the offer to take a part in HBO’s True Blood.

Apart from the movies, he has also appeared in many TV shows such as The Pretender (1996–2000), Walker Texas Ranger (1993–2001), CSI: Miami (2003–05), and many others. He wrote the 1999 movie, Desert son which he co-directed with his brother while Michelle Martini who is his sister was the costume designer.

Family and Wife

As already indicated, Max Martini is from a family that is very creative with both a stepfather and siblings who are in a form of arts or another. Of course, his biological father was also into the creative world. Even though Stuart Margolin is the man who would influence him greatly into acting, he is still close to his biological father.

Max Martini is a family man who is married to American actress, Kim Restell. Although it is not known how their love story began, it is known that the American actor and Restell have been married since 1997.

Max Martini (Actor) – Bio, Wife, Family, Height, Weight, Net Worth
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Kim Restell has acted in a number of movies including The Man Who Wouldn’t Die (1994), The X-Files (1995), Highlander (1995), Poltergeist: The Legacy (1996 to 1998), Mysterious Ways (2001), and Da Vinci’s Inquest (1998 to 2002). Kim is also a producer who co-produced Desert Son with her husband Kimberley Restell Martini.

Spending over two decades together, Max and his wife have been blessed with two children, Leo Martini, and Sean Carlo Martini. Just like his parents, Leo is also an actor who has appeared in Edge (2015). He has also acted in Pastalight (2018) and SGT. Will Gardner (2019).

Max Martini Net Worth

A very successful actor who has acted in close to sixty productions including some that are very successful, it is easy to point out that Max has rightly paid his dues. In the light of that, he has a net worth that has been estimated at $4 million to show for it. He made most of his fortune from his work as an actor, a producer, and a director.

Height and Weight

Max Martini is a man with a good height and body weight which has made it possible for him to be given action roles in movies. The actor stands at a decent height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m). Even though his weight is not known, it is obvious that he has a good build.

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