Meet Anjali Ramkissoon, The Indian Doctor Who Attacked Uber Driver in Miami

Meet Anjali Ramkissoon, The Indian Doctor Who Attacked Uber Driver in Miami

Reactions vary when one is faced with different situations at different times. Be it emotions that went wild or ones that are troubled, the effect they have on the affected person cannot be denied. While some have learned or devised ways to hold their emotions in check, many others are still being controlled by their wild emotions which seemingly have defied taming. Anjali Ramkissoon is one of those whose emotions landed in trouble.

She is an Indian doctor at a US hospital before the incident that brought her out to the media: attacking an Uber driver in Miami which is considered a far cry from the high standards of her profession. Let’s meet Anjali Ramkissoon.

Who is Anjali Ramkissoon? The Indian Doctor Who Attacked an Uber Driver in Miami

There won’t be much digging into her background information as there is little to hold onto online. Anjali was a University of Miami fourth-year neurology resident working at Jackson Health System in Miami. Her studies are focused on headaches and sleep medicine and she has also participated in epilepsy research.

In early 2016, a video titled Drunk Girl Tries To Hijack An Uber and Destroys His Car! surfaced about a teeny resident doctor (Anjali) attacking an Uber driver. The video which was made by a concerned onlooker went viral and got the lady many backlashes even costing her her job.

The video of the attack was uploaded on January 19, 2016, and it went viral resulting in her being fired from the hospital in April 2016, where she has less than a year to conclude her program. The viral video garnered over 7 million views sparking a lot of outrage and controversy.

However, it was stated by the hospital that Anjali is entitled to an appeal process.

What Inspired the Assault?

Life has a way of trying our patience and letting us decide what the outcome and our reaction would be, probably for those under our control. According to Anjali when she appeared on Good Morning America following the release of the Uber driver’s attack video, her boyfriend, radiologist Sean O’Neill, of two years had just broken up with her. One would say that is not enough reason to inflict another with the pain you face in such a situation but remember she is human too and gets affected by events. What do we do, the deed has already been done.

At the realization of her predicament, she got herself a few drinks and got inebriated. Although she came with her own car, she couldn’t drive herself home, thus the coming of the driver into the picture.

Anyway, the driver wasn’t there for her in the first place. The car was ordered by one Juan Cinco (the man who videoed the incident) to take him and his friend home from the Mary Brickell Village in Miami, Florida on that fateful Sunday night, January 17, 2016.

Anjali Ramkissoon who got there at that point got into the backseat of the car forcing the driver to drive her home even when she had not made any reservation. Of course, the driver didn’t want to drive her but told her to get out of his car instead. At this, she flew into a rage and started punching, kicking, and hurling profanities at the driver. She may be petite at only 5 feet and weighs just 100lbs, but she exuded such energy that would leave one wondering at what strength she harbors.

Meet Anjali Ramkissoon, The Indian Doctor Who Attacked Uber Driver in Miami
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She also went further to throw some of the driver’s properties such as his mail, cell phone, electronics, and other devices and possessions out from the window onto the street. So much for a medical professional. Do you know how this goes? A higher standard is placed on some professions such as hers.

The Aftermath of the Event

The driver could bear it no more and had to call the police. Prior to their arrival, Anjali who it seemed had already had her fill of rage was leaving the scene with the car keys in her fingers. Of course, she put up a fight even kicking the police but got to realize what the situation was turning into and became remorseful when she was being put in the police car.

Anjali Ramkissoon started crying, apologizing, and claiming that she would lose her medical license if she got arrested. The Uber driver who was such a good man opted to remain anonymous and even declined to press charges. He instead decided to take a cash settlement which was only enough to pay his cellphone bill and probably his cable bill.

But that was not the case in her workplace and with the netizens. Jackson Health System placed her on administrative leave after the video surfaced and she was terminated from her position in April 2016.

Furthermore, the University of Miami took down all the pages mentioning her name since the incident. Uber suspended her account even while the case was still being investigated.

Although she later apologized for the incident, some internet users wouldn’t hear of that. She got a lot of backlashes with some saying that her license should be revoked and awarding her all the nasty names and titles you could imagine. However, some were nice and were of the opinion that she be forgiven considering that she is human and is bound to make human mistakes some of the times citing her misdeed as an aberration.