Meet Maya Rudolph’s Family: Everything To Know About Her Husband and Kids

Saturday Night Live (SNL) legend, Maya Rudolph, is an embodiment of different talents. In addition to her being a comedian, the American is also a singer, voice artist, and actress. While she is widely known for her acting chops these days, her rise to prominence came as a result of her serving as a singer for an alternative rock band called ‘The Rentals’ in the mid-1990s.

Later on in the decade, she joined The Groundlings improv troupe and was introduced to comedy. This preceded her becoming a cast member on NBC’s long-running SNL show in 2000 as she further went on to launch an acting career that has seen her appear in numerous films and TV series. Her long list of acting credits includes roles in A Prarie Home Companion, Idiocracy, MacGruber, Grown Ups, Bridesmaids, Zookeeper, Up All Night and The Good Place, where her performance earned her two Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

Who Are Maya Rudolph’s Family Members?

Maya Rudolph comes from a family of outstanding entertainers. She was born to the famed composer, songwriter, musician, music publisher, and producer Richard Rudolph and Minnie Riperton, an African-American singer and songwriter. Maya’s parents met in 1967 and had a professional relationship which resulted in them co-writing many of Minnie Riperton’s songs, including those in her debut solo album titled Come to My Garden. The pair would later begin a romantic relationship that led to them exchanging vows in August 1970.

Rudolph had launched his career in the music industry as a songwriter in 1969 at Chess Records, Chicago. Following his collaboration with his wife and the release of Come to My Garden, he started collaborating with producer Charles Stepney. Subsequently, he began working as a record producer when he teamed up with Stevie Wonder to produce his wife’s album, Perfect Angel, which sold millions of copies.

In addition to producing music, Maya Rudolph’s father also worked in the movie industry, supervising many feature films and overseeing miniseries and movies made for both cable and television. For the making of the film, Whitney, Lifetime Movies employed his services as the executive music producer. He was also the exclusive music consultant to HBO Pictures and once served as President of Third Stone Records, a recording label he co-established with award-winning actor/producer Michael Douglas.

Just like her husband, Minnie Riperton, who is most popular for her very high vocal range and her use of the whistle register, had a very successful music career. She began singing as a child and later got affiliated with Chess Records. This gave her the opportunity to sing as a backup for many established artists before she eventually made it herself.

Sadly, Minnie could not live long enough to see her children become great. It was discovered that she had breast cancer in Januar 1976 and at that time, it had spread to other parts of her body. Because of this, she was given just about six months to live. Her health condition notwithstanding, Minnie kept on going on tours, recording songs, and living as normal a life as her health would allow until she died on July 12, 1979, at age the age of 31.

Prior to her death, Maya Rudolph’s mother spoke publicly about her breast cancer, becoming one of the first celebrities to do so. She also worked with the American Cancer Society as a spokeswoman and in 1978, President Jimmy Carter presented her with the American Cancer Society’s Courage Award at the White House. After mourning his wife’s death for years, Maya’s father remarried on the 20th of October 1990 to designer Kimiko Kasai.

Maya Rudolph’s parents aside, her grandfather Sidney Rudolph was also a well-known philanthropist and businessman. He is known for many things, most popularly for once owning all the Rudy’s and Wendy’s restaurants in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Her great-grandfather, on the other hand, was one of the founding members of the conservative Jewish Synagogue – Congregation Beth Shalom, in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was born in Lithuania and changed his surname from Rudashevsky to Rudolph when he relocated to the United States.

Facts About Her Husband and Children

Maya Rudolph is neither married nor single. Since 2001, she has been in a relationship with acclaimed film director Paul Thomas Anderson. The two have been together since that time and currently, have four children together. Their first daughter, Pearl, was born in 2005; their second daughter, Lucille, was born in 2009; their son, Jack, was born in 2011 and their youngest child, a girl named Minnie, was born in 2013.

Paul is a well-known director and a noted alumnus of the Sundance Institue. He is known for making movies like Hard Eight, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, The Master (which starred Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix, and Amy Adams) and Phantom Thread (which starred Daniel Day-Lewis in his final role before retirement).

In total, all of his films, some of which have been considered as the greatest movies of this century, have been nominated for 25 Academy Awards.

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