Megan Everett – Bio, Facts About Stellan Skarsgård’s Wife and Film Producer

Megan Everett – Bio, Facts About Stellan Skarsgård’s Wife and Film Producer

Megan Everett is the Irish screenwriter and producer who began nursing interest in screenwriting while in high school. She took summer courses at the University of Southern California to improve her writing skills (while still in high school) and after her graduation from college, she worked with advertising companies as well as an established copywriter. Megan linked up with organizations that would help her improve her screenwriting skills and soon after she left copywriting, she started writing documentaries, films, and books.

The ardent writer is most famous for her book – a children’s novel – Banned from the Zoo which was published in September 2017. She is also popular for producing Swedish documentaries such as Behind the Scenes: The Filming of Bye. She has also penned a couple of Swedish sci-fi movies. It was in the production of one of her documentaries that she met the screen god Stellan Skarsgård – who would later become her husband.

Megan Everett – Bio

Megan Everett was either born in Ohio or in Ireland, however, this is not certain as various sources suggest different birth locations. The only thing that is certain is her birthdate which is given to be the 3rd of March 1976. It is not known if she had any siblings or who her parents are. Little is also known about her childhood, family background, and educational history.

While Megan was in high school, she not only had an interest in her basic subjects, she was also interested in writing. That flare would later become a career path for her. Because of her interest in writing, she studied writing as a part-time course while in high school and when she got into college, she majored in it. It is not known the University Megan Everett graduated from, but it is known that she had her part-time courses at the University of Southern California. After graduation from college, she moved to Ireland where she began to search for practical knowledge in the field of writing.

First, she enrolled in Fastnet Films, a video-producing company where she aimed to further develop her writing skills. After this, she began working for advertising agencies, most of which were big brands. She worked with DDB Worldwide, a prestigious advertising company in Ireland. There, she got once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to work with big brands like Volkswagen and Carlsberg. She also gained experiential training on copywriting before she moved over to screenwriting. She began to write and produce movies and documentaries after she relocated to Sweden.

Megan Everett’s first known Swedish film was a documentary titled Behind The Scenes: The Filming of Bye. The documentary explained how the popular dance film Bye was produced. It had in its cast, the famous Swedish and Hollywood actor, Stellan Skarsgård. In the year that followed, she joined a literary club in London known as Knight Hall Agency. This agency influenced the writing of her first novel titled Banned From The Zoo in 2017. After this novel, it was strictly screenwriting for the Irish producer. Currently, she has to her credit the scripting of a number of sci-fi Swedish movies.

Facts About Stellan Skarsgård’s Wife and Film Producer

Family, Husband, and Kids

For Megan Everett, it is safe to say that she has a rather large family. She is the second wife of Stellan Skarsgård, the famous Swedish actor who has become a household name not only in Hollywood but beyond. The couple met in 2008 and after dating for about one year, they got married in May 2009.

 Megan Everett – Bio, Facts About Stellan Skarsgård’s Wife and Film Producer
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Before Megan, Stellan Skarsgård was married to a doctor by the name My Skarsgård – with whom he had six children (five sons and a daughter). Most of Stellan’s children with his first wife have established themselves as actors and actresses. They include Alexander Skarsgård (born in 1976), Gustaf Skarsgård (born in 1980), Sam Skarsgård (born in 1982), Bill Skarsgård (born in 1990), Eija Skarsgard (born in 1992), and Valter Skarsgård (born in 1995).

Stellan Skarsgård has been in the business of recreating reality since 1972. He is of Swedish origin and has featured in over 100 movies and 30 television series. The prolific actor has several awards to his credit which include the Berlin International Film Festival, Boldin Awards, among others. He has featured in popular movies like Avengers, Angels and Demons, Thor, among others.

Megan Everett, on the other hand, is a mother of two boys with Stellan Skarsgård – Ossian and Kolbjörn. Despite the family size, it has been observed that the whole family are in harmony. Megan is said to be close to her stepchildren and also on good terms with her husband’s ex-wife, which is not a popular situation with a family setup such as theirs. Currently, Megan lives with her husband and two children.

Megan Everett Net Worth

As a hardworking and dedicated producer and screenwriter, not forgetting she is the wife of a very successful actor, it comes as no surprise that Megan Everett has an impressive net worth. In 2019, she was estimated to be worth about $1 million. However, her monthly and yearly salary earnings are not known.