Meghan Brock – All The Facts About David Johnson’s Wife

Meghan Brock – All The Facts About David Johnson’s Wife

Unlike many athletes his age who are making millions of dollars, David Johnson has shown that the side attractions that come with being rich and famous are not for him as he has chosen to settle down with someone who would give him all the support he needs to succeed, that person being Meghan Brock, his college sweetheart.

Right from a very young age, DJ, as he is fondly called, showed that he was cut from a different cloth from his peers, as he displayed an outstanding character that came along with incredible sporting abilities. These traits, among other things, we’re probably what prompted Brock to say yes to his advances.

Read on to find out more about how the couple’s relationship began, as well as how they are working to build a dynasty by each other’s side.

All The Facts About Meghan Brock

1. Brocks is an Iowa Native

Meghan Brock was born in Cedar Falls, Iowa on March 1, 1993. Details about her early life and family are not available and it is also not clear if she has any siblings. For her high school education, Brock attended Cedar Falls High School where she was notably a part of the cheerleading squad. She later went on to enroll at the University of Northern Iowa.

2. Relationship and Marriage to David Johnson

As the story goes, David Johnson had a chance to attend Illinois State who had also offered him a scholarship. He, however, chose to enroll at the University of Northern Iowa where he would go ahead to meet the love of his life.

The pair were said to have first met each other at a house party on Brock’s 19th birthday in 2012. The college athlete went on to court her during the health promotion class in which they shared and they went on to become an item thereafter. According to reports, Meghan Brock and David Johnson became almost inseparable as they became workout buddies and often went on vacation together.

Following the completion of Johnson’s standout college football career, he was selected by the Arizona Cardinals with the 86th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. About a month after the draft, in June 2015, the NFL-bound football player asked his girlfriend to marry him and she accepted. They went on to tie the knot in the following year, on April 8, 2016.

Meghan Brock – All The Facts About David Johnson’s Wife
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3. She Suffered Blood Pressure Disorder During Her First Pregnancy

A few months after exchanging marital vows, Meghan Brock and her husband announced that they were expecting their first child. The couple shared details about the pregnancy online on their various social media accounts. A visibly pregnant Brock was also present at a number of her husband’s games showing support.

While appearing to take the whole ordeal very well, Brock’s pregnancy was not the smoothest. She suffered from a serious blood pressure disorder called preeclampsia. She went on to give birth to a son named David Jerome Johnson Jr. on January 19, 2017. The birthing process was not without any complications as Brock was subsequently put on bed rest while the baby spent a few days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

4. She is a Certified Nurse

After completing her education at the University of Northern Iowa, Meghan Brock returned to school to study nursing. She enrolled at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where she did a nursing course, graduating from a Licensed Practical Nurse program as a certified nurse. Brock went on to find work at a retirement community called NewAldaya Lifescapes in her hometown of Cedar Falls.

It is not clear if she still has a job as a nurse or if she has become a full-time homemaker, holding down the homefront as her husband continues to set records in the NFL.

5. Brock and Her Husband Run a Charitable Foundation

Following the difficult experience she had giving birth to her son, and the subsequent time they spent watching their little child in the NICU, Meghan Brock and her husband founded the charitable organization Mission 31 Foundation, which raises funds for children who are battling a medical condition.

The Foundation has since led to the formation of another one called David’s Locker which aims to bring fun and joy to children and families in hospitals by providing video games and other electronic gadgets.