Melanie Scrofano Bio, Dating, Married, Boyfriend, Husband, Baby

Melanie Scrofano Bio, Dating, Married, Boyfriend, Husband, Baby

Melanie Scrofano is a Canadian actress who is famous for a number of acting roles, especially the popular Wynonna Earp series. In all, she has played 10 movie roles and 30 TV roles.   From modeling, she successfully launched herself into the acting world.

Melanie Scrofano Bio

Born as Melanie Neige  Scrofano, the star is a native of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The 35-year-old celebrates her birthday on December 31. Not much is known about her family. What is known is that she was born to an engineer father and a government worker mother. Scrofano holds Canadian nationality and is of white ethnicity. She is also of Italian and French-Canadian descent.

There are no confirmatory details of her educational background. However, she started working at an early age. She recalls that her first job ever was “scooping ice cream at Laura Secord”. At the age of 13, she had already started modeling.

She was never keen on becoming an actress but turns out she had a place in the industry. According to her, her agent put her up to it. Her agent began submitting her name for acting jobs and fate subsequently smiled on her.

By 16, she had become in sync with the acting job. She took auditions as they came in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal.

Melanie Scrofano Bio, Dating, Married, Boyfriend, Husband, Baby

Melanie’s first TV acting role was in 2012 Undressed. It followed with tons of others such as Naked Josh (2004), Beautiful People (2006), Supernatural (2007), Baxter(2010), Being Erica(2010), Haven (2012), The Listener (2012-2014), Damien(2016), ongoing Wynonna Earp amongst many others.

She has also featured in movies like Baby Blues(2008), Citizen Gangster(2011), The Conspiracy(2012), RoboCop(2012), Wolves(2014), Nurse 3D(2014), and others.

It has been estimated that her current Net worth is around $1 Million. Melanie has compared both of her experiences in modeling and acting. From her perspective, acting gives you unending room to improve and grow.

We do not know her favorite food but she says she makes incredible pizza. Did you know Melanie has a weird habit of waking up, making coffee, and not speaking with anyone before 10 am? Her favorite city in the world is London. She also loves the Latin language.


Aside from her love interest in the Wynonna Earp series, Melanie has not been caught dating anyone. Nothing is known about her romantic life except that she is married. Nothing is known about their meeting and dating life before they tied the nuptial knot.


Scrofano is married to Jeff. The date and location of the ceremony is not known.

Melanie Scrofano Bio, Dating, Married, Boyfriend, Husband, Baby

Confirming her marriage with jeff erases doubts about her sexual orientation. Melanie Scrofano is a happily married woman.

She frequently uploads pictures of her family on different social media sites. Melanie is active on her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.


She has no boyfriend and no other partner aside from her husband, Jeff. Whether she had previous relationships before their union is not public knowledge to the media.

Melanie Scrofano Husband

Jeff’s last name is not known. Same with his personal and career details.


Jeff and Melanie have a child together.

Melanie announced her pregnancy while shooting for the second season of Wynonna Earp.

Heavily pregnant, Melanie played her role in the series. She was costumed in a way that her pregnancy did not show for the filming duration of the second season.

No one knew of her condition except her family, till her pregnancy was written into the script in episode 6.

Melanie gave birth to a son on April 18, 2017, 4 days after wrapping the production on the series.

Before the pregnancy, the actress had once posted a picture of her with a child on her Instagram account.

As usual, there was no information if the child was hers or not.

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