Mia Talerico Bio, Age, Height, Real Family, Parents and Net Worth

Baby stars have become a frequent and welcome development in showbiz and the world at large. Disney TV has been an avenue to launch such stars, providing the platform on which to stand and take the world either by storm or breeze. One of such kids who had the opportunity is Mia Talerico, an American child actress who began her career on Disney’s Good Luck Charlie.

Mia Talerico Bio, Age

This wunderkind that took the showbiz by storm at only eleven-month-old was born on 17 September 2008 and given the name Mia Kaitlyn Talerico. She was born in Saint Barbara, California, and is currently in the third grade in school. She is an American and belongs to the white ethnicity.

Mia’s acting career started on titular Disney’s TV series, Good Luck Charlie where she starred as Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Duncan. She stole the hearts of many Disney fans.

At Just 11-Months Old, How Was That?

The writer-producer duo of Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen decided to create a sitcom in 2009 for Disney that would not only appeal to the children but fascinate the adults too. The show was centred on a family that is trying to adjust to the unexpected birth of their fourth child. Admittedly, it would be well accepted by viewers but they were left with the challenge of finding the cast of the titular character, Charlie.

It was at this point that little Mia came on board. The producers had in mind to cast identical twins so as to bypass the risk of violating child labour laws and ensuring that the filming won’t be interrupted by the issue of unavailability. But it happened that their choice of character was not going to be an easy one as there were no twins in view.

With baby Mia coming into the picture, she captivated the producers with her charm and cuteness and proved to be an invaluable asset. The character was then decided. She was on the show from April 2010 when it first aired till it ended its run in its fourth season in February 2014. The sitcom had a total of 97 episodes and Mia appeared in the whole of those episodes.

It might interest you to know that this child star has had her own share of the hassles that come with being famous. In January 2014, she received threatening and harassing messages, including death threats, from an anonymous source. She received the threat on her Instagram which was being handled by her mother. This frightened her folks that they filed a complaint with the police. However, they stopped receiving the messages following the involvement of the police.

Other Works

Mia has made appearances in other works including the 2011 film Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas!, Shadow Theory and Jessie. She wants to continue acting and forge a career thereof. Besides acting, she likes to sing and dance.

The starlet is also an Instagram sensation where she pulls a following of more than 1 million. On Instagram, she shares her behind the screen photos as well as family pictures. She also has a YouTube channel which is managed by her mother. There, they post various toys and fashion reviews.

Mia Talerico Parents, Real Family

Anyone would think that Mia’s on-screen parents are her real parents and the family her real family. The Duncan family of Denver, Colorado gave birth to her as their fourth child and the show centred on the adjustments they had to make with her surprise coming.

During her time on Good Luck Charlie, her parents were Amy, a nurse and Bob, an exterminator. She had her siblings as PJ, Teddy, Gabe and her younger brother, Toby. Her three older siblings were left to help raise their little sister as their parents return to work. With the responsibility of raising their newest addition, Charlie, they tried to deal with school and general social challenges in their lives.

Their portrayals brought to life what most average families had to face with an unexpected increase in their number. The fact that they are a close-knit family who looks out for one another, left fans wondering whether they are family in real life as they were on screen. But they are not.

As for her real family, our Charlie, Mia Talerico is the first child and daughter of Chris and Claire Talerico. Her parents are both producers and directors of different projects. She has a younger sibling, a sister named Aubrey who was born on September 8, 2012.

The young actress is an everyday girl who is enchanted by what fascinates little girls of her age. Her favorite Disney cartoon is Sleeping Beauty and the best color is pink. She also has a pet – a guinea pig and can ski as well.

Net Worth

Mia is just a little girl but she has earned for herself a whopping amount of money which most people can only dream of. In terms of her net worth, it is estimated at $2 million, making her one of the richest child stars.


From a baby of eleven months old to a beautiful girl, she has grown both in height and weight. Mia Talerico is 4′ 4¾” (1.34 m) tall and weighs 34 kg.

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