5 Things You Need To Know About Michaela Mendez

5 Things You Need To Know About Michaela Mendez

Michaela Mendez is an American social media influencer who is famously known for her makeup and skincare tips which she regularly shares on her YouTube channel “Sheismichaela”. She falls among the category of people who are making a name for themselves through the aid of various social media sites. Since she started dating Nathan Boucaud, a social media influencer as well, Michaela Mendez’s fame has continued to increase.

The social media star was born on July 25, 1994, in Santa Clarita, California into a Christian family of eight. She has a mixed ethnicity of Norwegian and African-American. Michaela was raised by both of her parents along with her 5 siblings whose names are not revealed but their genders are. She has two sisters and three brothers. Her parents’ names have not been revealed but it is known that they had her in their late forties. Her mother is of Cherokee Native American and African-American origins while her father comes from a long line of Norwegian and European heritage.

Growing up, Michaela Mendez was very outspoken, major thanks to the big family she grew up in. She has always been a lover of music and one would have thought she would end up venturing into music. Her favorite artist growing up was the legendary “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. She has equally grown to like other new-age artists such as The Weekend and American rapper Future.

Even though she is not a professional singer, she has an amazing voice and if managed well, she could end up adding singing into her portfolio. On her Instagram account, she often posts video content of herself singing and she receives positive remarks from her followers on Instagram. She often times claims her parents did not give her the full support she needed to pursue a music career as they preferred to invest in her education.

Michaela Mendez finished school in 2015 and enrolled in a nursing school the following year. She, however, dropped out after a while but later got back and graduated with a certificate in nursing. Today, Mendez is a certified and registered nurse.

5 Things You Need To Know About Michaela Mendez

1.  Social Media Popularity

Although she is a certified nurse, Michaela Mendez is most popular by her online endeavors as Sheismichaela, an alias she goes by across all her social media accounts. Making a living out of social media has now become a common thing today and Michaela Mendez has joined the train. She operates majorly on YouTube and Instagram but she is also quite active on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media platforms.

Michaela Mendez has her highest social media influence on YouTube where she has just a little below half a million subscribers on her channel. The channel was created on February 18, 2017, and has recorded 1.8 million views on the channel’s contents. Mendez’s next social media influence is on Instagram where she has over 350 thousand followers. Her Facebook page boasts about 30 thousand likes and her Twitter account has 15 thousand followers.

2. She Is Dating a Fellow Instagramer

Michaela Mendez is currently in a relationship with fellow YouTube star Nathan Boucaud who is popularly known by the social media alias “NatesLife”. Nathan and Michaela met and started dating shortly after Nathan broke up with his former girlfriend Ashley Ortega. Michaela is 7 months older than Nathan.

5 Things You Need To Know About Michaela Mendez
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3. Michaela’s Leaked Sex Tape 

Several sex tapes of the YouTube star have been released on different occasions. Although she denied she wasn’t the lady in all of those videos, the lady in that footage clearly seems to be her as she has an uncanny resemblance to her.

4. Michaela Mendez Body Stats

Michaela Mendez has a jaw-dropping figure which keeps her fans and followers glued to her social media handles in hopes of seeing more of her uploads on her various social media platforms. Michaela has black hair and black eyes as well. She stands at 5 ft 5 inches tall and weighs 64kg. Her other body Stats for bust, waist, and hips measure 36-30-32 inches.

5. What is Her Net Worth? 

Michaela reportedly earns between $1.2 thousand to $19 thousand annually from her various social media platforms. Her specific net worth is not known but it is believed that her worth is in hundreds of thousands of dollars.