Michelle Buteau Husband, Wiki, Biography And Comedy Career

While Michelle Buteau has successfully established herself in the entertainment industry as a performer and a host, it is pretty obvious that being a comedian is her calling. Owing to the admiration she has been increasingly gathering from her endeavors in showbiz, one would find it hard to disagree with Michelle when she gets all boastful, bragging about how she brings “a cheeky swagger, unique perspective and big personality to stage and screen.”

True, most of Michelle Buteau’s fame came from her being a co-host of VHI’s weekday entertainment show (Big Morning Buzz Live) with the popular recording and television star, Nick Lachey. But then, that’s not all that has been fuelling her popularity. The comedian has been active in a handful of other VHI productions.

It is probable that the most known of them is the Best Week Ever comedy series which earned her a nomination for the New Now Next Award. You will also find Michelle in Key and Peele – the sketch comedy tv series Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele created for Comedy Central and in Broad City, a comedy television series of Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. Also, she is known for 2014’s Enlisted and 2017’s The Tick. Many people couldn’t stop listening to Shut Up, her debut comedy album. These and other gigs have been responsible for Buteau’s soaring fame in the entertainment industry.

Earning more respect each day as a comedian, writer, and actress, Michelle Buteau once specified that her career choices weren’t inspired by the need of being seen. According to her, she is part of the entertainment industry because that’s her purpose. If she is not writing, performing, or creating something, she feels as though she isn’t breathing fine and dehydrated.

Buteau would agree that doing comedy for television is cool. Nonetheless, she prefers the online comedy scene. The reason for this isn’t far-fetched, there are too many rules and regulations for television. Michelle likes the fact of her being able to do whatever she wants in the digital space.

Michelle Buteau Biography

Although we have not been able to gather substantial information about the early days of Michelle Buteau’s life, here are the things we know…

The comedienne was born in 1986. For some unknown reasons, you will find that the date of birth was January 6th and as well, September 26th. At the moment, all we can authenticate is that her year of birth was in 1986 and, that she was born in New Jersey to Caribbean parents.

The star has a Jamaican mom and a Haitian dad. For now, we can’t authoritatively narrate the history of her education or tell about her siblings.

Comedy Career

We have traced the beginning of Michelle Buteau’s comedy career to the September 11 attacks. Curious huh? Well, here’s the gist. Buteau was working for NBC and Fox as a producer when the four terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda on the United States happened.

As her duty was primarily to edit news footage, she had to work on several disturbing video scenes of the attacks. This left her traumatized, forcing her to abandon the profession and the therapy the media outlet offered for a career in stand-up comedy. It is said that Buteau settled for being a producer after she was told that she can’t be a news reporter because she is too fat.

Now, Michelle is a full-fledged comedienne who has gone beyond performing at clubs to tour the country and work with other famous names in the profession. She has appeared on the Jenny McCarthy Show, on tv stand-ups like The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and has done several Comedy Central gigs. She thinks her dynamic and unapologetic frankness while performing has helped her comedy career a great deal.

Her podcast – Late Night Whenever – is expected to debut on the 3rd of April, 2018.

Michelle Buteau Husband

It is common to come across people wondering who Michelle Buteau’s husband is. This is so because almost nothing is known about her love life. While it has commonly been assumed that the American comedian is married, hardly can anyone tell who her partner is. All that’s known is that she often insinuates on her social media posts that she has a Dutch husband.