Michelle Grace – Bio and Facts About Ray Liotta’s Ex-wife

Michelle Grace – Bio and Facts About Ray Liotta’s Ex-wife

Michelle Grace is a former American actress and film producer who made her mark in Hollywood by appearing in a number of movies such as Narc, Take the Lead and The Rat Pack. Her roles in films and on television have endeared her to fans and viewers from all around the world. She has also starred alongside a bunch of other prominent performers such as Joe Mantegna, Angus Macfadyen, and Don Cheadle. Although she has had a brief and wonderful career in the movie industry, which has accorded her some fame and success, Michelle is more popularly known for her romantic affiliations over the years.

She came to the limelight after she began dating and eventually married wealthy and famous men such as Major League Baseball coach Mark Grace and Hollywood actor Ray Liotta. Her relationships with these men made the public develop an interest in her as people wanted to know who she was. The media subsequently started publishing stories about her and the paparazzi began following her around to capture glimpses of her life.

Who is Michelle Grace and How Old is She?

Michelle Grace was born on December 4, 1968, in the historic city of Chicago. There has been very little information about her parents or siblings as the actress is yet to reveal anything about that aspect of her life. The same goes for her educational history, as it is unclear what level of academic qualification she has attained or what schools she attended.

Grace began her professional journey as an actress in Hollywood, but she eventually found her way to film production. She began playing important roles in front of the camera and beyond. Her career trajectory began in 1998 when she made her screen debut in the movie The Rat Pack. She portrayed the character Judy Campbell, the woman who claimed to have been the mistress of the former American president’s John F. Kennedy, Sam Giancana, and John Roselli.

The actress went on to appear in the movie Narc in 2002, starring alongside her then-husband Ray Liotta. Michelle was also responsible for producing the movie. Her next movie role was in 2006, in Take the Lead, which she also produced. Although Michelle worked on a couple of other small projects, her career never quite progressed beyond these three movies. Some people have suggested that even as she had a lot of potentials, she let her matrimonial obligations interfere with her career and her future in the industry suffered greatly as a result.

Before her Hollywood adventure began, Michelle first gained fame for being the wife of the now-retired baseball player and current baseball coach Mark Grace. The pair got married on November 5, 1988. Although things appeared to be going really well in the beginning, things soon turned sour and they filed for divorce in 1993.

Michelle Grace – Bio and Facts About Ray Liotta’s Ex-wife
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Meet Her Kids

Following Michelle’s split from her baseball star husband, she stayed away from the dating scene for a few years, but this changed when she met Ray Liotta in 1997. They were said to have first crossed paths at a baseball game, and a few months later they headed down the aisle to say “I do”. Their marriage was blessed with one child, a daughter born in 1998. Michelle and Ray named their little bundle of joy Karsen Liotta.

Though they eventually split in 2004, the couple has remained friends and has done their best to raise their daughter. Karsen is Michelle’s only child.

Interesting Facts About Ray Liotta’s Ex-Wife

1. Michelle Grace bears a striking resemblance to the famous actress Elizabeth Taylor. They look so much alike that one might have a hard time believing they are not the same person or at least related.

2. While the actress was married to the renowned sportsman Mark Grace, the papers and fans referred to them as Mr. and Mrs. Exuberance.

3. Michelle used to work as a model before she made the pivot to acting which was her first love.

4. The actress is estimated to have a net worth of about $600,000, most of which have come from her work as a producer and an actress.

5. She is a published author with a book to her name. Her book Outlier was released in 2007 and it was very well received.