Milo Stewart and 5 Lesser Known Facts About The Transgender Youtuber 

Milo Stewart and 5 Lesser Known Facts About The Transgender Youtuber 

Milo Stewart is a very popular YouTube star who is known for his activism among other things. The transgender star makes use of her YouTube channel to share his experiences as well as share his feelings and things she believes without apologies when they make some people uncomfortable.

Milo Stewart Biography

Born on June 10, 1998, Milo Stewart began questioning her sexuality in 8th grade and while growing up, she realized that there was a difference in the way she is attracted to people. It is because of this that she later decided on a non-binary gender. While how she was raised is hardly known, Milo Stewart has evolved to the name Quinby. She is presently a television major student at Columbia College Chicago. Apart from schooling, she also has a job, which means that she doesn’t have as much time to always post on YouTube.

The Journey of Quinby Stewart or Milo as you may prefer to stardom on YouTube among her followers was inspired by other channels such as Laci Green!. Before starting her channel, she was part of a high school channel, Gay-Straight Alliance. It was from here that she founded her own self-titled channel in May 2013. Considering the kind of controversies that she has taken to on the channel, she only has less than 30 thousand subscribers and slightly above a million views.

In 2014 she decided on starting another channel which is known as Birchie Rants. The channel has less than 2500 subscribers and has only managed to get less than 200,000 views. This makes sense since there are less than 20 videos posted there.

5 Lesser Known Facts About The Transgender YouTuber

Truth be told, there are many things about this individual that one may want to know, but here are five things that you probably didn’t know:

Controversies: Among many things, Stewart is not scared of controversies. One that has caught the attention of a lot of people is her idea that all men are misogynistic and all whites are racists. She also believes that all people in the majority are against those in the minority and all cisgender people are transphobic. These ideas have generated a lot of outbursts even though there are some that believe the YouTuber has good intentions but doesn’t just understand a lot of the things she is saying.

Milo Stewart and 5 Lesser Known Facts About The Transgender Youtuber 
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Gender: Inasmuch as Stewart is mostly referred to as He, she is a female by birth, but she believes that she is not even transgender rather, she refers to herself as a non-binary, trans, asexual, and aromantic person. Because of this, the YouTube rant master often uses either he or they to refer to himself or herself. This means that you can refer to Stewart as he, she, or they as you would find out on the internet.

Change of Name: Milo has now adopted Quinby Stewart as her new identity. This is because he/she has often been referred to as Milo Minneapolis. This may either be a genuine mistake or it could as well be in an attempt to mock the young YouTuber. Either way, the controversial vlogger has now decided on a new name to end it all. The essence of the change was because of her “mental health” as she stated.

Beliefs on sex: Although she believed that society sees sex as a way of adult life, Quinby Stewart had a different belief. She noted that as an asexual, she felt that one must not live life having sex before one can have a happy and fulfilled life because one can get joy from many other things and not just sex. In fact, sex doesn’t make one an adult.

Interestingly though, the transgender YouTuber would soon reveal a year later that she has started having sexual experiences and with multiple partners. She/he wanted to break the record for being the oldest person not to have sex until she realized that there are people approaching 100 that have never had sex. She decided she could not compete with that and so she ditched the attempt.

Regrets: The greatest regret of Milo Stewart is that she/he hardly does critical thinking before posting things online, and only gets to do the thinking after. That will be said to be extremely true by a lot of people.