Min Kyung Hoon Biography, Wife, Family, Height, Age

Min Kyung Hoon Biography, Wife, Family, Height, Age

While K-Pop isn’t exactly a new genre of music, there has been a rise in its popularity on a global scale, driven by its influence on Western Culture. It is a genre that continues to enjoy support from Western listeners, increasing the fan base of K-Pop musicians and artists. One of those prominent artists is Min Kyung Hoon. The South Korean singer has two albums to his name, Impressive and Picnic. Both albums were well-received.

Min Kyung Hoon’s Biography (Age)

Min Kyung Hoon did not always know he wanted to be a singer. He started his life simply wanting to be an entertainer and enjoy the privileges of a celebrity lifestyle. Min was born on October 6, 1984. He discovered his music abilities in high school and developed an interest in the art form. The lead vocalist for Buzz, a rock band from South Korea,

He continued to explore his musical abilities and after a few years in High school, he was encouraged to audition for a company that focused on entertainment. The advice came off his popularity among students with his strong vocals and visuals.

Like someone who was simply throwing ideas at a wall, waiting for which might stick, Min Kyung-hoon attended an audition with AYON Entertainment. His performance was loved by the judges at AYON and he was subsequently offered a contract. AYON Entertainment created a band around Min Kyung Hoon and called it Buzz.

His contract with AYON and a desire to pursue music as a career option meant Min Kyung Hoon would drop out of school to be a full-time singer. He dropped out in 2002 after signing the contract with AYON.

Buzz ran from 2003-to 2007, making their debut with a single called Morning of Buzz on October 11, 2003. Although their first album found moderate success, it was their second album with tracks like Coward, Thorn, and travel to me that brought the band to mainstream success. The band released three albums before they were forced to disband for compulsory military service as is customary in South Korea. Min, whose age hadn’t reached the point of mandatory service continued to record music.

His solo career started with a single, Love is My Heart, Part 2. Due to his melodious voice and its reception among fans of Korean music, Min released an album titled Impressive. Although it found some commercial success, it did not achieve anything close to the exploits of the band’s projects.

He tried another chance at solo music but he faced the same reception as his debut album. Min Kyung Hoon, as a result of the perceived failure of his solo career, fell into depression and gained weight. With the help of a friend, he was able to get over his depression and get back into the studio. His first music after his depression influenced hiatus, I love you which was part of an EP Reunion that was announced in 2010, became one of the most popular songs K-pop solo songs.

Min Kyung Hoon Biography, Wife, Family, Height, Age
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Unfortunately, Min Kyung Hoon couldn’t capitalize on the popularity of his single and through a series of controversies, he lost his dedicated fan base, and his sophomore album, Picnic sold less compared to his debut album.

In 2012, like everybody before him, Kyung Hoon joined the military service for compulsory service. He was in the military for 21 months. This was like redemption for him, he took up performing in the military band to the admiration of military officers and Buzz fans alike.

In 2014, after the completion of his military service, he returned to join Buzz who had regrouped. Min’s collaborations since 2015 helped him regain his place in popular culture. Outside of music, Min Kyung Hoon is also a TV star, he becomes a regular feature on the variety show, The Problems of the Rooftop Room.

Wife and Family

Min Kyung Hoon isn’t married. Although the South Korean star has been rumored to be in a relationship with different women over the course of his career, Min Kyung Hoon is currently single. The musician is not publicly in a relationship and every indication points to him as a single man.

As for his family, he hasn’t gotten one of his own but he grew up in a family with two siblings.

Height and Other Body Features

The singer, who was once considered the most beautiful man in South Korea is 178cm tall and weighs 65kg.

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