Minjee Lee Height, Weight, Parents, Family, Bio, Other Facts

Minjee Lee Height, Weight, Parents, Family, Bio, Other Facts

“Achieve your goals,” and “Do your best” were the motivational messages that guided Minjee Lee as a young girl to become what got us and you interested in her today. She reached the top position of the number one ranked amateur golfer and retained that position until she went pro.

You will find out here, how she has been able to grow her career at a blazing pace amidst the myriad of talents who cannot be pushed over in the world of women’s golf.

Bio of Minjee Lee

Minjee is a Korean-Australian who was born on 27th May 1996 in Perth, Australia. From an early age, her mother Clara was very supportive of her playing golf and would often drive her to her training. She would also help to display her little daily goals with sticky notes where she was able to see them and get properly guided in her daily activity.

This form of well-regimented upbringing also meant that Minjee Lee wouldn’t find it a herculean task training and practicing extremely hard in the golf course. When the Korean-Aussie was 10 years old, she was already training and practicing as much as 8 hours a day; something that later paid off as she began to blossom in her professional golf career.

At the young age of 9 in the year 2010, she attained the feat of being the youngest winner of the WA Amateur Open at the Methodist Ladies College, Perth. She later moved from the Methodist College to Corpus Christi College in 2012, so as to be closer to her golf course and by 2013, she left the latter school.

At the age of 11, Minjee was able to draw the attention of Ritchie Smith with her impressive talents and he later became her golf coach.

Her amateur golf career turned out to be one filled with accomplishments as she outshined all those she competed with at various times. Notably; Minjee Lee won the 2010 Western Australia Women’s Amateur, 2011 Handa Junior Masters, Western Australia Women’s Amateur, Singapore Ladies Amateur, Srixon International Junior Classic, Tasmanian Stroke Play Championship, the 2012 U.S. Girls’ Junior, Tasmanian Stroke Play Championship, 2013 Australian Women’s Amateur, Western Australia Women’s Amateur, Rene Erichsen Salver, Australian Girls’ Amateur, Dunes Medal and the 2014 Australian Women’s Amateur. She was also a member of the  2013 Golf Australia National Squad.

Minjee Lee Height, Weight, Parents, Family, Bio, Other Facts
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She made history on February 26, 2014, when she became the number one ranked amateur golfer having won the Oates Victorian Open on the ALPG Tour, Minjee Lee also led the Australian team that won the Espirito Santo Trophy before going professional in September 2014.

Her professional career has not been in a drought of victory either as the golfer has shown that her amateur accomplishments were no child’s play at all. She has won a total of 4 professional LPGA Tour wins with one ALPG Tour win as a pro. Minjee’s laurels as a pro include the 2015 Kingsmill Championship, Lotte Championship, and Blue Bay LPGA wins in 2016 and the LPGA Volvik Championship she won on 27 May 2018.

Family – Parents

Golf runs right in her family blood; from her father Soonam Lee a spraypainter to her mum Clara and her brother Minwoo who she is two years older than, they all play golf.

Particularly, her mum has been very supportive of her daughter, accompanying her in all her travels for golf tournaments making sure she eats, sleeps and plays right. Clara Lee attributes this to be a sort of “Korean way of mothers looking after their daughters.”

Her biggest desire is to see her daughter attain the zenith of her career which is something every loving parent would wish their kids.

The family resides in Perth, Australia where her younger brother still attends school as well as plays golf. Most of the time, he is with his father as Minjee Lee and her mum are mostly away for one tournament or the other.

Her Height and Weight

The pretty-looking golfer is as well not disadvantaged in height. Combining the length of those long fine legs of hers with her slender body frame, you will have her standing at a height of 1.65m with a bodyweight of 60 kg.

Other Facts About Minjee Lee

She has no boyfriend at the moment.

Minjee loves her grandma’s cooking a lot.

Watching Korean drama series is the major thing she does when she is traveling or in a hotel room.

One of her hobbies is going to the beach.