The Untold Truth Of The Life And Death Of Miss Elizabeth

The Untold Truth Of The Life And Death Of Miss Elizabeth

In her heyday in the late 1980s, there was arguably no woman more popular than Miss Elizabeth on the wrestling stage. Her involvement in the sport came about from her work as a wrestling TV announcer which led to her getting involved with wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage who she later managed and fought alongside on some occasions. The 1987 Slammy Award Woman of the Year recipient would later go on to get involved with other people like Lex Luger who was her partner at the time of her death.

The Life Of Miss Elizabeth

Miss Elizabeth’s life began on the 19th of November, 1960 in Frankfort, Kentucky, USA. Much of the details of her early life, including the identities of her parents and where she received her early education are not known. What is only known is that her birth name is Elizabeth Ann Hulette and she attended University, garnering a degree in Communications from the University of Kentucky.

Following her graduation, she found a job as a TV announcer for International Championship Wrestling shows in the early 1980s. It was during her time in this role that she met and married professional wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage in 1984. The couple was able to join personal life with business as Savage named her his new manager when he moved to join the World Wrestling Federation.

Miss Elizabeth, as the world would come to know her, was ringside during some of his most famous fights, most notably when he defeated Tito Santana for the Intercontinental Heavyweight Title in 1986. The pair would go on to remain very popular in the late 80s as her husband got embroiled in a number of feuds that were a result of other wrestlers being attracted to her. People like George “The Animal” Steele and most significantly The Honky Tonk Man had long-lasting feuds with Savage over this. On one occasion, Honky shoved Elizabeth before beginning to assault her husband. This led her to run and plead for the assistance of Hulk Hogan who came and rescued the wrestler; they would later go on to form the tag team duo of The Mega Powers.

In the following years, The Mega Powers would go on to rule the wrestling world until Savage began to read meaning into Hogan’s relationship with his wife. This started after Hogan touched Miss Elizabeth’s buttocks as they celebrated The Mega Powers’ victory over The Mega Bucks (André the Giant and Ted DiBiase).

Hogan continued to be overfriendly and overprotective towards Savage’s wife, even to the detriment of his partner as he once left him alone to be beaten in the ring as he rushed Elizabeth backstage to get medical attention after she was knocked unconscious ringside. After the match, which Hogan returned to and singlehandedly won, the two partners got into a loud verbal argument backstage that culminated with Savage blindsiding Hogan and beating him.

The Untold Truth Of The Life And Death Of Miss Elizabeth
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The feud between the former tag team duo resulted in them being the main event at WrestleMania V. In the fight which Hogan won, Miss Elizabeth remained in a neutral corner. Elizabeth then parted ways with Savage as he got another manager but the two would, however, reunite in the 90s even though their marriage ended in 1992. Throughout that decade, their relationship proved to be tumultuous as she would occasionally help and then betray him as she worked for people like Hogan, Ric Flair, and Lex Luger who became her domestic partner.

Later Life and Eventual Death

Miss Elizabeth made her last appearance on the wrestling stage in 2000 after her contract expired. She never appeared again even though she was billed to do so in 2002 during the World Wrestling All-Stars tour of Europe. The former wrestling manager and occasional professional wrestler instead took a job at the front desk of a gym owned by Luger and the wrestler – Sting called Main Event Fitness in Marietta, Georgia.

On the 1st of May, 2003, a 911 call was placed by Luger reporting that she was not breathing and was responding to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Paramedics eventually arrived at the home and rushed her to the WellStar Kennestone Hospital Emergency Room where doctors pronounced her dead. An autopsy report ruled her death as an accident as it listed the cause as Acute Toxicity that came about as a result of a mixture of vodka and painkillers. Her remains were laid to rest at the Frankfort Cemetery.

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