Misty Copeland Bio, Parents, Husband, Net Worth, Siblings And Family Fact

Misty Copeland Bio, Parents, Husband, Net Worth, Siblings And Family Fact

Misty Copeland was the first Black American woman to be accepted as a principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre (ABT). From a young age, she showed clear signs of how amazing she would be and despite the custody battles she was subject to, Misty remained resolute in being the best of what she wanted to be and it is for this reason that her life story is an interesting one. Here, you will learn all there is to know about her biography including facts about her family and its members, and of course, take a look at how much she is worth.

Misty Copeland Bio

Misty Copeland was born on September 10, 1982, in Kansas City, Missouri, to a German-American and African-American father named Doug Copeland and an Italian American and African-American mother named Sylvia DelaCerna. She grew up in the San Pedro area of Los Angeles, California as the youngest of four children some of which her mother had from her previous marriages.

Misty attended Point Fermin Elementary School and Dana Middle School where she began showing interest in the latter’s drill team following the steps of her elder sister Ericka. Her coach Elizabeth Cantine saw the talent in her and suggested she enroll in ballet lessons with Cynthia Bradley who ran a local ‘Boys and Girls Club’ that taught ballet once a week.

With her mother’s permission, she began learning voraciously and in just about 8 months, Misty Copeland thrilled spectators with her portrayal of Clara in her school’s ‘The Nutcracker production. However, her newfound success in Ballet meant doom for her at home. Her mother wanted her to stop, while her coach advised against it and would rather have her stay with her so that she can continue training and improve her skills.

A few years after, Misty Copeland had to her credit works like ‘Ballo della Regina’ in 2007, ‘Baker’s Dozen’ the following year 2008, ‘One of Three in 2009, ‘Birthday Offering’ in 2010, ‘Giselle’ in 2011, and ‘Don Quixote’ in 2013. Come June 15, 2015, she was appointed as a principal ballerina in the American Ballet Theatre which made her the very first Black American woman in history to be so appointed.

Over the years, Misty Copeland has won awards and recognitions like the Leonore Annenberg Fellowship in 2008, a 2016 Shorty Award for Best in Dance in Social Media and so many others including being appointed in 2014 to the ‘President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition by then-President Barack Obama of the U.S.A.

Misty Copeland Net Worth

Misty Copeland is without a doubt is one of the best in what she does and for every human endeavor which has a reward, dancing has been quite rewarding for her as the African-American Ballerina has been reported to have a net worth which seats somewhere in between $500, 000 and over a million dollars.

Family Facts – Parents and Siblings

As mentioned earlier, Misty was born to Doug Copeland and Sylvia Dela Cerna. She has four siblings which include one half-brother; Cameron, half-sister; Lindsay, brothers; Doulas Jr., and Christopher, and a sister named Ericka.

A time came when her mother resented her coach’s influence over her daughter’s life as she felt she was losing her daughter to her Ballet coach. Sylvia then instructed her daughter to stop dancing and this became her greatest fear as she feared she won’t live a fulfilled life without dancing.

With the help and advice of Bradley (her coach), Copeland filled emancipation papers against her mum to secure her legal independence but in response, her mother filed a restraining order against the Bradley’s. The case came before Los Angeles County Superior Court but after much ado, it was quashed as Copeland returned home to her mother who then got her a new Ballet teacher Diane Lauridsen.

Misty Copeland Bio, Parents, Husband, Net Worth, Siblings And Family Fact
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Misty Copeland is married to Olu Evans, they got married on July 31, 2016, in the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach, California. The two had known each other since 2004 after being introduced to each other by Olu’s cousin, Taye Diggs. Currently, they reside in Manhattan’s Upper West Side and have been enjoying their married life together with no negative rumors.

From what we know about her husband, he is a corporate attorney and a graduate of Emory University where he studied law and passed the bar in the year 2007. Aside from practicing law, he runs a dancewear company called Muse Dancewear which has been operational since 2010.