Molly Brazy Bio, Age, Height, Family Life And Other Interesting Facts

If the rumblings on the streets are anything to go by, Molly Brazy might be on her way to becoming the next big female rapper out of the United States. The Detroit native was inspired to pursue a career in the male-dominated music genre after listening to the most famous, and still burgeoning female rapper; Nicki Minaj’s Roman’s Revenge (2010) album as a child. Since those early days, Molly has now earned herself comparisons to her idol and has also said that she looks up to Minaj as an artist, even going as far as trying to model her own career from her.

Molly has so far released two bodies of works where she has been able to show her commitment to telling her story and keeping it real. Many eyebrows were raised about the teenager’s tough gun talk and street tales but Molly has made sure to remind her listeners that she is only telling her tale exactly how she lived it. She promises that her music will evolve as her life does too but for now, it is her unadulterated life story that she is serving up.

Molly Brazy Bio, Age

The young artist was born on the 22nd of February 1999 in Detroit, Michigan. As u can probably tell, Molly Brazy is a moniker that we think might have been coined from the psychoactive recreational drug, Molly and the Blood Gang’s pronunciation of Crazy, Brazy.

Nothing is known about Ms. Brazy’s childhood other than she grew up in poverty and has had to struggle to reach the level that she is at today. Her education history is also not available but from one interview in the past, Molly revealed that she attended high school but was unable to graduate after she was kicked out. She called it a blessing in disguise because that ultimately gave her the time she needed to focus on building her career in music.

Molly Brazy started off on the streets of Detroit before making her way to YouTube where she gained a loyal following for her songs. She worked with a host of other local Detroit rappers, most notably Rocaine, whose debut mixtape is titled “The Movie” and debut album is dubbed “Dopeman.” The pair went on to feature heavily on the YouTube channel for the independent magazine ‘4sho’ which also spread their music to a broader audience.

Molly Brazy’s Family Life

As mentioned above, nothing is known about Molly Brazy’s family. In an interview with DJ Booth, Ms. Brazy revealed that she does not have enough family around to speak to when she is lonely since her only sibling, a brother, is in jail. She, however, spoke about having cousins with who she maintains a good relationship with as well as her mother being there for her to speak to occasionally.


Molly Brazy has gained a likeness for wearing a lot of heels and wedges because she’s unfortunately not blessed with height. The petit musician who is said to weigh about 57 kg or 126 pounds, measures at 5 feet 2 inches or 157 cm which places her about 3 inches shorter than the height of an average woman in America.

Other Interesting Facts About Molly Brazy

Molly Brazy loves firearms as you might have figured out if you listen to her music. She made the headlines after a video surfaced of her waving and then pointing a gun at the head of a toddler while talking about the candy. Her actions caused an uproar on social media and even went as far as prompting an investigation by the police. It is not clear if charges were brought forward against her as the rapper’s representatives made sure to announce that it was indeed a toy gun that Molly was wielding at the time.

Despite having spoken about her loneliness in the past, the gun-wielding rapper is said to be in a relationship with a man only identified as Charles Varlakhanov. Not much is known about this man that Molly has repeatedly shared a photo of on her social media account.

With a net worth said to be around $500 thousand, Molly Brazy is surely building a robust brand for herself.

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