Morgan Beasley – Wife, Net Worth & Family Life

Morgan Beasley – Wife, Net Worth & Family Life

There are a unique set of people who despite seeing all the modern gadgets which technological advancements in the contemporary world have been introducing over the years and making better, still opt to live the ways our forefathers lived. One such person is Morgan Beasley, an American man who has his abode in the Great Alaska mountain range in the U.S. state of Alaska.

Contrary to what most people assume when they first get to hear about him, Morgan lived quite a normal life before he got famous by starring in the Mountain Men television series. Find out more about him here and what might have prompted his decision to abandon the warmth of the town and/or city living for the cold in the Alaskan wilderness.

Who Exactly is Morgan Beasley? 

Beasley was born many years ago somewhere in the United States. The name of his parents, their occupation, and his exact date of birth are all unknown, however, we know that he has a sister who goes by the name Jill Beasley and works as a Medical Sales Recruiter which is obviously not in the wilderness. Just like Morgan, Jill on her own part has not let out word/s on the identities of their parents and if or not there is another sibling Morgan has other than her.

As he was growing up, Morgan Beasley was a lover of nature and everything that had to do with it. This penchant for nature probably was what influenced his choice of what to study at the university many years later. Morgan enrolled at the University of Idaho to study Environmental Sciences and at the completion of his program, he earned a degree in the discipline.

Following his graduation, he lived in the city for some time making ends meet by doing construction works, fish processing, cabinetry as well as serving as a guide for crews on a trail. Morgan loathed working in a factory or just about any job that mars the beautiful landscape the outdoors boast of.

After some time, he decided to relocate to Alaska to begin living the life of a nomad. For the past 10 years of his life, Morgan Beasley has been living the life of a nomad for which he has become famous. He has his home on a 35-acre land which he visits during the coldest periods of winter.

The nomad got famous when he got featured on the 4th series of the History channel Mountain Men American reality television series. He stars in the series alongside others like Charlie Tucker, Rich Lewis, Tom Oar, George Michaud, Jason Hawk, Kyle Bell, Marty Meierotto, and of course Eustace Conway.

Over the course of living in the Alaskan wilderness for several years, Morgan has been able to achieve feats like being the first man to grow garlic in Alaska as well as to have twice traveled across Alaska. Breasley also works for Apricity Alaska Wilderness Adventure which is a tourist organization as a guide.

Details of His Net Worth

It has often been said that there is no greater reward than seeing yourself doing what you love doing. Morgan Beasley might not be the richest person you see on television but he earns a lot of satisfaction doing what he does. This obviously can’t be quantified in monetary terms.

The reality television star has a net worth of about $1 million. His salary going by available reports is put at about $200, 000 which he earns primarily from the television series. In addition, Morgan also earns from Apricity Alaska which he operates with Margaret Stern.

Morgan Beasley – Wife, Net Worth & Family Life
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If Married, Who Is His Wife?

It is rumored that love found Morgan Beasley with Margaret Stern. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas before she came over to Maine to study Botany and Natural History at College of the Atlantic. Following her graduation and having acquired skills in draft horse work, taxidermy and farming while studying in college, she decided to relocate to Alaska after her graduation. Reports have it that she at a time worked on the Mountain Men show and it was during this time that she met Morgan.

Neither of the duos has deemed it necessary to clear the air on whether there is something going on between them or not. However, seeing that they seem to love similar things and have a shared love for the outdoors, their fans are hoping that the rumors will turn out to be true.