Morgan Landrigan – Biography, Facts, Everything You Need To Know

Not everyone has what it takes to make incredible dance moves on the dance floor. While it is true that everybody must not be a dancer to make it in life, a lot of young people have been able to go to places just by showing off their dancing skills in the presence of a large crowd and judges. Morgan Landrigan is one of such great kids who are making waves in the entertainment industry for showing great mastery over dancing genres such as ballet and hip-hop.

Landrigan began showing signs of greatness at the age of three; when most of her mates were still struggling to express themselves clearly, to say the least. From that time till now, her life has changed for good as a result of the opportunities that have come her way through dancing.

Biography of Morgan Landrigan

Morgan Landrigan is the daughter of American parents who gave birth to her on 9th June 2006 in Orange County, California. Sadly, there is no available information about her origin, parents, siblings, and childhood. It is known that the youngster is still in school, but there is no information so far about her educational profile, including the name of her school.

Morgan began displaying her love and interest in gymnastics at the age of 3. This led her parents to enroll her in a dancing school (at The Urge Dance Complex), where she took lessons on all styles of dance such as tap, ballet, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, contemporary dance.

Over the years, she has taken part in several competitions where she never fails to leave the audience inspired and excited with her dancing skills, which in turn, have earned her prestigious awards and scholarships. As a talented dancer, Morgan Landrigan is hotly sought-after in the entertainment industry. She has shared the dancing stage with several personalities including iconic choreographer Philip Wright. Her performance with Philip, to date, remains one of her career highlights.

Apart from her solo performances, she has also danced together with NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers’s children’s dance team, the Kid Clippers, the Shorties Dance Crew, and Bye Bye Blackbird.

To her credit, Morgan Landrigan has also made television appearances in projects such as Lip Sync Battle Shorties (2016) and the Disney Channel sitcom’s Raven’s Home. She was cast as a dancer in the latter in the year 2018 in the episodes The Missteps and Winners and Losers.

Facts: Everything You Need To Know 

1. Morgan Landrigan loves hanging around people who really challenge her. Being someone who improves in every dance she takes part in, her career has been on the upward side for years. The starlet has gained mastery over dancing to the point that she can perform “10” backhand springs in a row.

2. The dancer does not only win the hearts of people at the various conventions and competitions; she has also earned the attention of one of the biggest dancewear megastores in the country – Discount Dance. She is said to have modeled for the brand some time ago. Discount Dance deals basically on dance accessories such as tights, clothing, shoes, and recital costume.

3. Apart from dancing on stage and at competitions, the Californian native also loves surfing, horseback riding, and extreme roller coasters.

4. Morgan Landrigan is friends with competitive dancer Cami Voorhees and star Lilliana Ketchman.

5. She is active on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram where she uploads her dance videos and relates with her fans. According to reports, her mother is her social media accounts manager.

6. Details about her height, weight, and body measurements are not available right now but we can establish that she has brown eyes and brown hair.

7. The celebrity dancer is not in a relationship because she is still too young to delve into an affair with the opposite sex.

8. Morgan Landrigan may be young but she has come a long way in the industry, having participated in high-profile competitions as an individual and with some groups. Presently, her net worth is being calculated, however, it is assumed that her dancing career puts a reasonable amount of money into her pockets.

9. As for her sexuality, she is straight.

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