Mr. Hotspot – Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth and Family Facts

The music industry is never short of talents. Every age and generation will always produce a crop of musicians in various genres who will most definitely raise the bar in what is the standard for that genre. In rap music, the standards are always rising which makes it more difficult for newcomers to have a soft landing in the genre. However, they are not relenting but are taking the bull by the horn. One of such youngsters who has been remarked as exceptionally talented and will be a dominant name in the industry is Mr. Hotspot. He is currently an internet sensation and one part of Tha Krew trio whose other members are Kind Cinco and YvngQuan.

Find out all you wish to know about this young talent in the following paragraphs.

Mr. Hotspot – Bio, Age

The talented rapper was born on the 5th of February in the year 1997 in Newburgh (city), New York where he is believed to have been raised by his parents. His real name is Jordan but he is fondly called Mr. Hotspot. The latter name was originally a basketball thing being that he played hoops and football back in school, but when he gave his full attention to music, the name kind of stuck with him.

Growing up, he was interested in music and dancing and always practiced with one of his cousins who lived with them. As they kept on practicing and got better, they decided to take their dance steps to school. While performing in school, the dance was videoed and uploaded on the internet. The video went viral and this encouraged them to keep to the act.

He formed Tha Krew together with Kind Cinco and YvngQuan. The group’s most popular video productions are “Krew-libs” and “Waffle House Madness”. Aside from these, Mr. Hotspot has also released some songs as a solo artist. He has to his credit “Little Debbie,” “Slide Like This,” “Taught Me,” and more to come.

You can see a whole lot of what he has been able to do on his YouTube channel [] where he has got a growing fan base.

Net Worth

Mr. Hotspot is still at the cradle of his music career. At this stage, his financial status is obviously not yet that big but everyone who has seen him agrees that this youngster is bound to go places with his music career. This has prompted many to keep a close watch on him.

Considering when he started and the influence he is hoping to build on social media with his music, the young rapper who has a net worth of $100, 000, got off on the right foot.

Family Facts

There have been no reports about who the dance and pop-culture phenomenon’s parents are, where they are at the moment and what they do. The only information we have about them are mere assumptions based on the facts we have been able to gather about Mr. Hotspot himself.

Considering that he was born in Newburgh (city), New York, and was raised in Atlanta, it is probable that his parents lived in those places while he was growing up. He is also obviously not white which suggests that his ethnicity may be Afro-American.

Another aspect of Mr. Hotspot’s life which his fans have also been curious about is whether he has a girlfriend or not. An answer to this question will go a long way to answer the other question of what his sexuality is or better still put the question to rest without prodding any further. Well, there have been no disclosures on who the musician’s girlfriend is and if indeed he has one. People who have commented on forums where the question has been raised are however of the opinion that he is probably straight though there are no concrete facts to support this assumption.

On our own, we posit that Mr. Hotspot is currently giving his music career all the attention it desires and is holding off on his personal life at the moment.

Height and Weight

Mr. Hotspot stands at an estimated height of 1.85m which is about 6 feet 1 inch. At this height, he has a body weight of 73kg or 161lbs.

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