MysticGotJokes Bio, Ex Girlfriend Jessica, Net Worth

MysticGotJokes Bio, Ex Girlfriend Jessica, Net Worth

MysticGotJokes is an American YouTuber named Mark Williams whose fame is credited to his pranks shared on his channel.

The entertainer behind MysticGotJokes is also a vlogger and has a secondary vlogging channel called The Mystic Vlogs. With more than 4 million subscribers in both channels, it’s no wonder the prank expert suddenly turns into a media sensation. It is also safe to say he got something that some people enjoy seeing on screen.

Some of his latest prank videos include Gold Digger Prank on my Ex-Girlfriend, How To Get Out Of A Date, You Remind Me Of My Ex-Prank, You’re The Worse Girlfriend Ever!..etc.

Besides the prank videos, Mysticgotjokes has written and produced the lyrics, Checkmate.

Mysticgotjokes Biography

Mark Williams, professionally known as MysticGotJokes was born on June 15, 1989, in Arizona, in the United States of America where he attended a military boarding school in Virginia. It isn’t clear which of the schools he graduated from since there are about four military boarding schools in the state – Fork Union Military Academy, Randolf -Macon Academy, Hargrave Military Academy, and Massanutten Military Academy. But we know for sure that he attended Arizona State University before he realized his passion lies outside the classroom.


Also credited as a comedian, the Arizona-born influencer moved to Los Angelos in 2013 from where he continued to create prank videos and garnered the title of an internet legend. He uses his social media handles including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to reach out to fans.

Speaking of how he climbed to the top as a YouTuber, Mystic said collaborations with other famous YouTube stars have helped him to increase his audience. Yet, it was when he began making prank videos and sharing them on his channel that his popularity soared.

He offered a few useful tips for creating and growing a successful YouTube channel such as;

  1. Creating themed videos and sharing your personal life in vlogs.
  2. Being consistent.
  3. Creating hashtags in order to create a community around your creative work on social media and,
  4. Collaborating with other YouTubers.

With the aforementioned tips, Mystic is aiming to become a household name and thoroughly establish his brand.

In 2017, it was reported that Abrams Artists Agency, a major talent agency has signed MysticGotJokes along with other YouTube stars and influencers.

He already hosted his very first movie screening titled The Mystic Movie, in Los Angelos at The Silent Movie Theatre. The event pulled over 100 guests including his YouTube subscribers who have been waiting for a chance to get autographs and pose for photos with the man they’ve only seen on screen.

MysticGotJokes Bio, Ex Girlfriend Jessica, Net Worth
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Prank Videos

Mysticgotjokes has produced tons of prank videos in the past six years of his work and they include:

  1. Drunk Dirty Dares
  2. Seeing Double Twin Prank
  3. Confronting Girlfriend About Not Having SEX
  4. Side Chick Calling Prank
  5. I Almost Got Rap3d!
  6. Female Viagra Prank On Girlfriend
  7. The Importance Of Focus
  8. MysticGotJokes HITS his Ex-Girlfriend Jessica
  9. Alcohol Overdose Prank
  10. Sleeping With Another Guy Prank On Boyfriend
  11. Cheating & Loyalty Test/Prank on Girlfriend

Ex-Girlfriend Jessica

Mystic has been in and out of a few relationships. In 2016, he broke up with his girlfriend Jessica, and what followed was a vengeance prank that he created. It can be seen in the video below:

His Gold Digger Prank On Ex-Girl posted in 2016 was viewed more than 8.9 million times to date on YouTube. The video relates to many people with similar experiences with their former girlfriends and wishes to retaliate in the way Mystic did with his ex.

According to the actor, he was a broke guy with a broken car and a girlfriend who didn’t want to be stuck with a guy with an empty pocket. A few years later, he upgraded and planned the perfect revenge. Nevertheless, the prank has sparked missed feelings among viewers – while some feel sorry for her, others think she deserved it for being a real gold digger.

Besides Jessica, Mystic got involved with a girl named Jasmine Johnson in 2017. She has starred in some of his videos.

MysticGotJokes Net Worth

The man behind MysticGotJokes is worth $1.5 million. As of 2018, his channel has accumulated up to 1 billion views with an average of around 1 million views across all its videos every day.

From the analysis, YouTubers earn between $2 – $5 per 1000 monetized views (40 – 60 percent), that is, after YouTube takes its share.

Mystic has recently exhibited his musical talent and has released a number of tracks. He also makes extra income from the sales of merchandise via his website.