Nadine Caridi Married, Children, Wiki, Net Worth, Jordan Belfort

Nadine Caridi Married, Children, Wiki, Net Worth, Jordan Belfort

Almost always, Nadine Caridi is mentioned alongside Jordan Belfort. You’ll begin to comprehend why this is so the moment you watch “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

The 2013 movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t only show the world Mr. Belfort’s life of fraud, drug abuse, and multiple affairs. It didn’t just paint a picture of the relationship Nadine Caridi and Jordan Belfort shared. It went beyond that.

The movie is like an everlasting bond that has glued the name “Nadine Caridi” and “Jordan Belfort” together. It’s simply improper to talk about Nadine without mentioning Jordan, or Jordan without Nadine.

Caridi was portrayed in the 2013 blockbuster hit by an Australian actress – Margot Robbie. Caridi has been described as an actress on several occasions but, she is more of a model.

Nadine Caridi Wiki/Age

While Nadine Caridi was born in London, United Kingdom, she grew up in Bay Ridge, New York. The good-looking model was born on the 6th day of November 1962.

Growing up in Bay Ridge, New York, Nadine attended John Dewey High School. It has often been suggested that her High school nurtured her modeling career.

It is also known that Nadine Caridi obtained a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institue, and earned her Ph.D. in 2015.

Net Worth/Career

As a model, Nadine Caridi is probably most known for her Millet Lite Beer commercials. The British model became the image for Miller Lite in the 1990s.

Apart from the public attention she gained from being the Miller Lite lime lighter, Caridi has earned a reputable place for herself in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in several advertisements. Many can identify her with the Monday Night Football commercials in the ’90s.

True, Nadine Caridi’s career is all about TV shows. However, words and phrases like “author”, “motivational speaker” and “entrepreneur” have been often used when her Professionis being described.

It’s difficult to quote a figure for Nadine Caridi’s net worth. There is no doubt that she has gathered good fortune for herself over the years. But, that’s all we can tell. The public has never been a chance to take a look at her purse.

Nadine Caridi Children/Jordan Belfort

Unlike her net worth, information about this aspect of Caridi’s life is available for whoever cares to know.

Nadine Caridi in her twenties, dated Alan Wilzig – the former CEO, president, and chairman of the Trust Company of New Jerse. Records have it that Caridi and Wilzig dated for about 24 months and even lived together.

Nadine Caridi Married, Children, Wiki, Net Worth, Jordan Belfort

Interestingly, Mr. Wilzig was the one who introduced Caridi to her first husband, Jordan Belfort. When Wilzig introduced Caridi to Belfort, they were still together and Mr. Belfort was married to his first wife Denise Lombardo.

After Nadine Caridi met Jordan Belfort, they started having an affair. Belfort was still married to Denise. Later, Belfort and Denise got divorced and with that, Jordan married Nadine. That was in 1991 and the event happened in the Caribbean.

Nadine and Jordan made two babies out of their marriage. They have a son named Carter Belfort and a daughter called Chandler Belfort.

Unfortunately, Nadine and Jordan’s union refused to be the “happy-ever” type. The truth about the troubles that led to the separation of their marriage is best known to Nadine and Jordan.

But, if we’re to conclude from what we saw in “The Wolf of Wall Street”, Jordan failed to be a good husband. Nadine suffered domestic violence which was credited to Jordan’s problems with drug addiction. He also kept affairs with other women while married to Nadine.

The couple officially abandoned their marriage in 2005.

Nadine Caridi Married

Now that Nadine Caridi is done with Jordan Belfort, she met John Macaluso and they became friends. They started picking up interest in each other and eventually started an affair that lasted for several years.

This happened despite the fact that John Macaluso is way older than Caridi. She got married to him in Manhattan Beach and, it said she’s living a happy life with the man.

Meanwhile, Nadine and Belfort are buddies, they decided to keep it that way because of the kids they had together.

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