Natalia Taylor Biography, Her Age, Modelling Career and Kidnap Story

Natalia Taylor Biography, Her Age, Modelling Career and Kidnap Story

Natalia Taylor is a social media celebrity and model who has made a name for herself on YouTube, thanks to her storytelling channel as well as Instagram where she has a lot of followers. Away from social media, she is also popular on news media as a result of some of the stories she has shared including one in which she alleged that she was kidnapped by her father when she was a little child. Here is all to know about her.

Natalia Taylor Biography, Age

On June 26, 1996, the beautiful model was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Even though she has become popular as Natalia, she revealed that she was actually birthed as Ashley, but her name was changed as a result of some of the things she suffered as a child.

She was mostly raised by her mother as a single child after her parents got separated when she was just 7. The cause of the divorce was the physical and emotionally abusive tendencies of her father towards her mother which forced her to seek an order that would prevent him from coming anywhere near her and her daughter after they were finally divorced.

For her education, as at 2016, she was a freshman at the University of Cincinnati where she majored in Nuclear Medicine.

As pointed out, what has made her famous was her life as a YouTuber which gave her the platform to tell her stories. She began the channel, Story Time, in 2015. By 2018, she had already gotten over 700 thousand followers and more than 10 million views.

Kidnap Story

Natalia Taylor is a YouTuber with many stories but the one that got the attention of everyone was her kidnap story which she also shared on her channel. According to the Cincinnati native, when she was 7 years old, she was kidnapped by her father, Rod, who was mentally ill.

In the almost 40 minutes video which she did to celebrate her milestone of reaching up to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, she revealed that her father had, at the time, been diagnosed to be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, and her mother had sought for a divorce from him as a result of domestic abuse.

Natalia Taylor Biography, Her Age, Modelling Career and Kidnap Story
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At the time, she was with her relatives when her father came and picked her off. He ran from the house with her in his arms while her uncle and aunt were screaming as they were unable to stop the 6ft 7in tall man. He then threw her into his red van and drove off. What she was thinking was that he was taking her off for her birthday but then, he kept driving for hours. Recalling the events that happened in 2014, the model added that Rod told her he was Jesus and he wanted to take both of them to heaven.

The police were soon notified and an Amber Alert was issued. Eventually, the police caught up with them but Rod would not pull over, leading the police to ram into their car, causing it to veer off the road. Weapons were found in the car after it fell off the road and her father was arrested. By then, she had already gone missing for more than 17 hours.

To give credence to her story, Natalie Taylor shared a mugshot of a man she claimed to be Rod, as well as the pictures of his house after her mom had left him.

The video attracted over 2 million views before it was taken down, probably to protect her identity. This is because she said she had to change her name so that her father would not get to find her again. Interestingly, before the video was brought down, she made another video, challenging Rod to come and get her.

Modeling Career

Apart from making a name for herself on YouTube, Natalia is also a model. That is something that she had wanted to be since she was much younger. In fact, she has been into modeling even before she made a name for herself as a YouTuber.

Looking at her journey thus far, it was her grandmother who first helped her to get in for her first competition as a model. More so, she was also a semifinalist at the Miss COED 2016.

One of the things that have come to help her as a model is her looks and body measurements. One may easily confuse her with a much older model whose name is also Natalia Taylor. Natalia has over 123,000 followers on Instagram and over 71,000 on Twitter.