Natalie Portman’s Husband And Baby

Natalie Portman’s Husband And Baby

She’s doing it all, she’s an actress, a producer, a scholar, and in addition to all that, she’s a mother and wife. So it’s time to know all the nitty-gritty details about Natalie Portman’s husband, her son, and the baby on the way. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Natalie Portman’s Husband

His name is Benjamin Millepied, he is a dancer and choreographer of French descent and he was born on 10 June 1977. Millipied has stayed and worked in America since 1995 after he joined the New York City Ballet. He’s actually a ballet prodigy, his mother is Catherine Flori is a former ballet dancer and she started training him at the age of 8.

Natalie Portman’s Husband And Baby

Millipied and Portman met on the set of Black Swan in early 2009. It was there that he proved he has more to him than dancing, according to E!News, playing Portman and Mila Kunis’ dance partner came after he volunteered himself for the role, in which he convinced audiences that he didn’t want to sleep with his costar.

Natalie Portman’s Husband And Baby

He also flexed his acting muscles in Time Doesn’t Stand Still, a romantic short he created with director Asa Mader and in addition to his acting, dance and choreography, he paints and considers himself an amateur photographer. In January 2011 Millepied stopped dancing with the NYCB.

When he officially announced his retirement, he thanked the company for letting him, and we quote, run two careers simultaneously over the last six years.

Natalie Portman’s Husband And Baby

This is what Natalie Portman’s husband had to say to The Times about the retirement, ‘ I’ve danced for a major ballet company for so long—dancing other people’s work while I was making my own, that this year and a half was really a cleansing for me and my body, I needed to start with a clean slate.’

Natalie and Benjamin were married in August 2012, after dating in 2009. By 2010 they were engaged and expecting their first child. It was only fitting two years later when the pair exchanged vows after dark in a Jewish ceremony at a private home facing the ocean and from that moment he became Natalie Portman’s husband.

Portman recently told France’s Madame Figaro magazine, ‘ Nothing is more important than my personal life, It’s something which comes first, always makes sense, and compared to the happiness of a successful family life, everything else is practically superficial.’

In addition to that, Portman is considering becoming a French citizen, in regards to that choice, this is what she told the magazine.

‘I now have the possibility of taking on French nationality. It would accomplish the Francophile dreams of my father and myself, I lived in Paris when I was 12 and my father gave me the name Natalie as an homage to Gilbert Bécaud’s song. Everything in my life has drawn me towards a French family.’

Natalie Portman Baby

His name is Aleph Portman Millipied and he was born on 14 June 2011. Well someone has been around for quite some time, seeing as he will be turning 6 this year. When he was born, many celebrities took to social media to congratulate the actress on the newest addition to her family.

Natalie Portman’s Husband And Baby

Ellen DeGeneres, the comedian, and talk show host led tributes, posting on Twitter: ‘ I’m so happy for my dance protégée Natalie Portman and her new baby boy! Congratulations!’

Lindsay Lohan added: ‘ Congrats to Natalie Portman for her beautiful baby boy!’ When People magazine broke the news, they gave no details of where the baby was born or when. A publicist for Portman was unavailable for comments.

Now the couple has another bun in the oven and with five long years of experience under their belt, they are bound to breeze through raising their second child. According to E! News, multiple sources confirmed the pregnancy to them.

This will be the second child for Portman, who already shares a son Aleph Portman-Millepied with her husband Benjamin Millepied. So that’s all we have on Natalie Portman’s husband and their ‘children. We do wish the expectant couple all the best as they embark on the journey to parenthood for the second time. They sure will make a lovely family of four.

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