Nate Parker Wife, Kids, Family, Net Worth, Body Measurements

Meet one black American actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter that has had a really rough career. Suffering from a rape scandal in 1999, Nate Parker has recently decided to jump on a new web series called the Baselines. He is probably more popular for his 2016 rape trial than for his most passionate project The Birth of a Nation. Follow me as I expose the entire life and achievements of a once-talented wrestler.

Nate Parker’s Bio

It all started somewhere in Norfolk, Virginia, on the 18th of November 1979, when a black boy was born to a single black woman Carolyn Whitfield. She was strong, raising Nate as a single mother until her first husband gave Nate his ‘Parker’ surname. Nate’s mother went ahead to divorce Parker and remarry another. Though Carolyn was not married to Nate’s father, Nate still had a relationship with his dad until he died of cancer in 1990. Nate moved to his uncle’s house at age 14 after he had a brawl with his second stepdad and this is where the drama really began.

Jay Combs, Nate’s maternal uncle, who was a former wrestler, convinced Nate to join the wrestling team at Princess Anne High School. He attended two other high schools before landing at Penn State University where he got his rape scandal at the prime age of 19. He then transferred to the University of Oklahoma where he received a degree in Management Science and Information Systems.


This popular actor started his famous career as a junior wrestler in the Virginia High School league where he emerged third as a representative of Churchland High School. Because her son was very talented, Carolyn moved to the Great Bridge High School district so Nate could participate in their wrestling program. He went ahead to become a state champion in the 135-pound category as a member of the Great Bridge wrestling team.

Nate was so good he placed third at the National Wrestling Championships of 1998. This earned him a full scholarship to the Penn State University where he was also nationally ranked as a freshman. After transferring to the University of Oklahoma, Nate broke bounds by becoming ranked as a redshirt as well as being ranked second nationally as a redshirt senior.

Acting Career

Nate Parker’s acting career started in California, just where the majority of actors and actresses begin adventurous careers. But Nate is who you would call an accidental actor. With no plans of becoming an actor, Nate being a romantic boyfriend, escorted his girlfriend to California to perform her auditions. Roaming the premises, something about Nate prickled the interest of talent manager Jon Simmons. A recorded audition turned into a full-time career. Nate moved over to California in the summer of 2004 to kick off an ecstatic career. He featured in a lot of commercials before finally landing a role as the lead actor in 2006. Rome & Jewel, a hip-hop film portrayed in the form of Romeo and Juliet was his debut movie which did not feature on live TV until 2008.

Nate has gone ahead to feature in a number of movies like Arbitrage, Non-stop, and The Secret Life of Bees. Nate was nominated in the best supporting actor category at the 2008 NAACP Image awards, for playing the part of Henry Lowe in The Great Debaters, which also starred Denzel Washington. Nate was also featured in movies like Felon, Tunnel Rats, Red Tails in 2012, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints in 2013before he landed a lead role in Beyond the Lights in 2015. He quickly got nominated for the Black Reel Awards as well as Image Actor for Outstanding Performance in a Motion Picture due to his excellent portrayal of a police officer.

Nate made his first independent film About Alex with the tag #American. It was a short film that was nominated for the Black Reel Awards in 2015. It won the Outstanding Independent Short Film category. Nate fully dived into the world of movie directing in 2016 with his hit project “The Birth of a Nation”. A movie that centered around the life of Nat Turner, turned out to win the 2016 Sundance Institute’s Vanguard award. This should have propelled Nate to his imminent stardom, but a 1999 rape scandal put hard breaks to those hopes.

In 2016, Nate Parker’s “Birth of a Nation” movie made history after the distribution rights were acquired by Fox Searchlight Pictures for a whopping $17.5 million, thereby breaking the record for the most expensive Sundance Film Festival production.

Nate Parker’s Net Worth

His success in the film industry as an actor, scriptwriter, producer and director has added to why Nate is clearly wealthy. Owing to his appearance in The Great Debaters and worldwide profits from the screen of his Birth of a Nation, Nate is estimated to have a net worth of around $3 million dollars.


It would be impossible to write about such a talented actor and director without mentioning the accolades he has received for his contribution to the film industry. Nate Parker received his first award in 2008 for playing the supporting actor role in The Great Debaters. After receiving the NAACP award in 2008, he went ahead to win the same category again in 2009 for featuring in The Secret Life of Bees.

Nate has won a number of other awards including the ‘African American Film Critics Association Award’ in 2012, the ‘Hamptons International Film Festival Award’ in 2012 also, the ‘Black Reel Awards’ in 2013, 2014, and 2015, the ‘168 Film Festival Award’ in 2013, as well as the NAACP Image Award for playing a role in “Beyond the Lights”. His most prestigious and most profitable award yet is the Sundance Film Festival Award he won for the “Birth of a Nation” in 2016. He also won CinemaCon Breakthrough Director of the Year for the same movie.

Nate Parker’s Family – Wife and Kids

Nate Parker is a happily married man. After tying the knot with Sarah DiSanto in August of 2007, Nate now has four daughters from their matrimony. He is currently a father to six children; five daughters and one son. After having his first daughter outside wedlock, Nate went ahead to adopt his sister’s son.


We cannot deny that Nate is an exceptional actor and director, but his shine has been dimmed by a scandal nobody ever wants, especially as a black man in a seemingly racial environment. Nate suffered a blow to his public image in 2016 when his controversial movie was about to be screened. A 1999 rape scandal, which went to trial, saw 19-year-old Nate Parker acquitted of all charges. But that still came back to bite him, when his most important project The Birth of a Nation spoke against rape. To make matters worse, in 2012, Nate’s alleged rape victim Jane Doe, committed suicide after overdosing on sleeping pills. Even though Nate was acquitted of all charges brought against him in 1999, Nate’s Career took a little dip due to the rise in its media scrutiny.

Trying to emerge from the dilemma of the rape scandal, Nate Parker recently signed on to direct a drama based on the true-life story of an LAPD detective. The movie Black & Blue would probably do a miracle for Nate’s reputation when it is finally released.

Body Measurements

Added to Nate’s juicy CV, is Nate’s physical appearance. Nate has an impressive height of 5 feet 9 inch (1.75m) added to a charming bodyweight of 135Ibs.