Neve Campbell – Biography, Net Worth, Husband or Partner – JJ Feild

Neve Campbell is popular for so many reasons. Even after investing more than two decades in the show business, she has never shown any sign of slowing down. It is a known fact that many film executives consistently hunt for new talents to replace old hands but Campbell seems to be everyone’s favourite as she is everywhere – both the television and movies. Neve is a seasoned Canadian actress who became successful and prominent after appearing in a slew of productions in the industry. She has also won several awards for her roles and involvement in some works such as Last Call and Scream.

Biography of Neve Campbell

The talented actress was born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, to Marnie and Gary Campbell, who named her Neve Adrianne Campbell after her birth on 3rd October 1973. A closer look at her family history shows her mother is Dutch and her father is Scottish. According to records, Gary, (a native of Glasgow, Scotland) immigrated to Canada and later got a job to teach drama in a high school in the Netherlands, Ontario. Neve’s mom is a native of Amsterdam, as well as a psychologist and yoga instructor.

The actress was born into a family with a long history in the showbiz industry. Her paternal grandparents were performers while her maternal grandparents operated a Netherlands-based theatre company. Although Campbell is a practising Catholic, she has Jewish lineage – her maternal family members are descendants of Sephardi Jews who settled in the Netherlands and converted to Catholicism.

Neve has three brothers named Damian Campbell, Alex Campbell, and Christian Campbell. Their parents ended their marriage when the actress was two years old. Neve launched her acting career at the age of 15 but before then, she was a ballet dancer who banded together with The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty. She developed a penchant for ballet after watching the Nutcracker on the stage at the age of six. She attended the Erinvale School of Dance and later trained at the National Ballet School of Canada. Campbell was forced to end her ballet career after suffering numerous dance-related injuries.

Her first role as an actress was in the theatrical production of The Phantom of the Opera at the renowned Toronto-based playhouse, Canon Theatre. At the time, she was a student of John F. Ross Collegiate Vocational Institute in Guelph. Campbell bagged her first commercial gig in 1991 when she appeared in a Coca-Cola advert while her first on-screen role came in 1992 in the Canadian-youth series, Catwalk, which ran till 1994.

So far, Neve boasts an impressive career timeline, having starred in numerous films and television series. Her first widely released movie was the 1996 supernatural horror film, The Craft, wherein she played the fictional character, Bonni. Scream, another successful project (earned more than $173 million at the worldwide box office) she participated in, won her critical acclaim, as well as the Saturn Award for Best Actress. To her credit, the actress has about 10 prestigious nominations and six awards bagged between 1996 and 2012.

Net Worth

Neve Campbell is worth $10 million, which she supposedly garnered from all her in roles in both television and film. Currently, her salary is being reviewed but as a veteran actress, it is believed that she makes a reasonable amount annually.

Husband or Partner – JJ Feild?

Neve Campbell used to be a married woman until 2010 when she filed for divorce from her second husband. The screen star had her first wedding on April 3, 1995, when she tied the knot with Jeff Colt, an actor and graduate of Fordham University School of Law. The pair got connected when Colt was a bartender at Toronto’s Pantages Theatre where the actress was booked for a performance. They instantly fell in love and officially became husband and wife in the same year. However, three years into their marriage, the two called it quits.

Seven years after she divorced her first husband, Campbell, while filming a movie called Investigating Sex, met an English actor called John Light. The two became engaged in the same year, sometime in December 2005 and eventually got married on 5th May 2007, in Malibu, California. They spent five years together at their Islington, London apartment as husband and wife and sadly ended their marriage in 2011 after the actress filed for divorce in Los Angeles on 30th June 2010.

At the time of updating this piece, the Scream actress is a mother of two children, whom she had with her long-term boyfriend, JJ Feild. Their first child, a son named Caspian, was born in the year 2012. The couple has another son called Raynor, adopted as disclosed on Neve’s Instagram page on June 29, 2018.

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