Nia Lovelis – Bio, Age, Height, Facts About The Musical Artist

Nia Lovelis – Bio, Age, Height, Facts About The Musical Artist

Nia Lovelis is a thorough musician and has played in enough genres to be considered a world-class artist. The lady is known mostly as the drummer of the girl band Hey Violet, formerly known as Cherri Bomb.

Lovelis is an excellent case study of what it means to record early career success. She started out at the young age of eleven and would later admit though that she had more zeal than knowledge early in her career and it threatened to derail her progress. Nia has since made it past that period and has helped her band to gain elite status. She and her music outfit have opened for a plethora of bands, including 5 Seconds of Summer, Camp Freddie, Chelsea Girls, and more. The band has recorded well over ten albums – when you count studio albums and EPs. They also have many chart-topping singles to show for their status as music greats. Here is all we know about Nia and her career.

Nia Lovelis’ Bio, Age

The actress was born on New Year’s Day in 1997, at New York’s Pearl River Hilton Hotel. Her full name is Szatania Angelika Morze Enea. The identity of Nia’s father is not known but he worked as an itinerant studio builder and keyboard tech. Her mother Ana Lovelis used to be known as Stacy Morze. Ana is an actress and used to sing lead and write songs for Doxy, an alternative rock band.

Nia has a younger sister, Rena Lovelis. Nia and her sister grew up around music and musicians their whole life. However, she took a particular interest in the drums after she went horseback riding with her parents. She noticed a rhythm in the way the animals moved and that experience stuck with her.

The music enthusiast started practicing to play the drums on a drum set her parents had in the garage – she was seven at the time. She eventually started taking drumming classes. After a bad experience at a band camp, Nia Lovelis decided to establish her own band. At the age of 11, she attended a drum audition where she met Miranda Miller and Julia Pierce. In 2008, while the trio was still in middle school, they formed their all-girl band Cherri Bomb. It included Nia, Julia, Miranda, and Nia’s sister Rena. Since then, the band has undergone a few changes in its roster but Nia and Rena are the only ones to have survived the axe. The group is known for their albums like This Is The End of Control (as Cherri Bomb), and From The Outside (as Hey Violet).

In the first few years of her career, the drummer was talented but raw. Nia soon discovered the stress that playing the drums could exact on her physically. It was her mentor, band manager, and super veteran drummer Samantha Maloney who helped teach her the important stuff like how to properly set up each individual drum piece. Samantha also taught her proper posturing, stress-free stick grips and handling, and the art of warming up before plays.

What is Her Height?

The beautiful New Yorker has been doing her thing consistently and progressively for years and her height is not a contributor to her success. However, the instrumentalist has a diminutive height that looks good on her. She stands at just 5 feet 4 inches, which translates to 163 cm.

Nia Lovelis – Bio, Age, Height, Facts About The Musical Artist
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Facts About the Musical Artist

1. She was in a relationship with fellow drummer Brennan Benko. They broke up after a few years together. In 2015, after Brennan, she was said to be in a relationship with singer and instrumentalist Calum Hood.

2. The musical artist is a tattoo lover. She has inked Vishuddha Chakra, a butterfly, and various other inscriptions on her body.

3. Some of her favorite drummers include Dave Grohl, Cindy Blackman, Ilan Rubin, and John Bonham.

4. Nia Lovelis remembers being told early on that nobody would be interested in watching or supporting barely teenage girls do music.

5. Her band has gone through many changes in its time. They started as a hard rock band and transitioned into the pop, pop-rock, and electro-pop genres with their Hey Violet name change in 2015.

6. Nia’s band has been an all-girl band from its inception, even with members leaving and being replaced. However, in September 2016, they took in their first male member Iain Shipp to serve as their bassist. However, Iain’s departure from the band was announced in April 2019 due to allegations of sexual assault.