Nick Crompton – Bio, Wiki, Is He Gay? What Is His Net Worth?

Nick Crompton is a renowned YouTube sensation and Instagram superstar, who also banks as the Chief Operating Officer of popular YouTube TeamDom – a social media talent label that mentors, grooms and publicizes budding artists.

Also famed as a successful entrepreneur, Crompton has supported and cooperated with other YouTube rising stars, including Martinez Twins. He also has his own internet agency called Social Chain, launched in 2015. Despite his height in the field of vlogging, Nick is already making plans to extend his business line to China, where he believes he would help budding artists find fame and fortune.

Nick Crompton’s Bio, Wiki

Unlike most YouTube sensations and celebrities, Nick rarely entertains questions about his family background, siblings, and whatnot. However, we can confirm that he was born on February 5, 1995, in Bradford, England, where he was also raised. The iconic entrepreneur who’s of white ethnicity has an elder brother, whose name is not known. Crompton began his high school education at Salt Grammar School (now Titus Salt School) in Baildon, West Yorkshire, from where he later moved to Titus Salt Sixth Form.

Other burning questions centering on Nick’s family background, parents, relations, tertiary education, and past relationships are currently not available.

Rise To Fame: How It Began

Like someone rightly said, mistakes only mar or make one’s effort, they don’t really make one a failure. In fact, most successful people had their fair share of terrible mistakes that come with perfection. Who would believe Crompton’s mistake on YouTube gave birth to his love for vlogging? As shocking as it sounds, the truth is Nick’s career began after he mistakenly uploaded a video he had recorded on YouTube.

Although Nick’s video made its way to YouTube with no intention of wooing viewers and fans, the comic video ended up garnered many so many likes, views, comments, and subscriptions. Today, Los Angeles-based Crompton has two YoTube channels – TheNickCrampton and ThePodGames. While the former displays challenges, pranks, and reaction videos, the latter is where he exclusively exhibits his gaming talents.

Both channels have over 40 million subscribers and seven billion views on YouTube. In addition to YouTube, Nick is also very active on Instagram and Twitter, where he has over two million and 500k followers respectively.

Net Worth

Most of Nick’s fortune stems from his hard work and diligence on YouTube and other businesses he does as an entrepreneur. Besides vlogging, he has a personal online platform where he sells stuff like phone cases and pillows.

To his credit, Crompton is also a singer. In 2017, he featured Jake Paul and Team 10 in his song titled England Is My City. Having been active on YouTube since 2012, Crompton has successfully built his net worth to the tune of $1.6 million.

Is Nick Crompton Gay?

Questions about Nick’s sexual preference have always been on and off the spotlight. Over the years, his female fans have been hankering for a sneak peek into the life of whoever he’s dating but got nothing in return.

However, Crompton took a bold step in November 2017 when he publicly announced, for the first time, that he’s gay and engaged to his sweetheart Levy.

The handsome British internet personality dropped the bombshell on Jake Paul’s YouTube channel, where he revealed that he and Levy first met on Tinder, but got to know each other better on Instagram before meeting in person.

Unlike his famous British boyfriend, Levy is not really a celebrity, though he stands a chance of becoming one due to his relationship with YouTube sensation Crompton.

Prior to his coming out as gay, Nick is said to have dated Tessa Brook, a prominent American dancer who has featured on big shows like Miss California pageant, the Haiti Benefit Concert, and Disney’s Next Big Things. But, it turned out that Brook (born April 5, 1999, in California) and Nick were just good friends.

YouTube sensation Nick Crompton currently lives with other social media celebrities like Jake Paul, Cameron Dallas, Alissa Violet, Erika Costell, and AJ Mitchell.

Body Measurements

Eye color: Light Brown

Hair color: Light Brown

Height: 5 feet 10 Inches

Weight: 80kg

Build: Fat

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