Nick Groff’s Early Struggles with The Supernatural, Family and Why He Left Ghost Adventures

Nick Groff’s Early Struggles with The Supernatural, Family and Why He Left Ghost Adventures

A good number of people around the globe are fascinated with the idea of ghosts being present in the world. This interest in the supernatural and investigations into paranormal activities, which has recently been described as a growing American pastime, has thereby spurned several TV shows that have featured many famous personalities. One of the most famous personalities to have shown increased interest in this is musician Nick Groff’s who first rose to fame as the co-host and co-investigator of the paranormal reality TV show, Ghost Adventures.

Groff has since launched a number of other TV shows in relation to supernatural activity and has also tried his hands at various other business/artistic pursuits. Discover more about the California native, including the real reason why he began chasing ghosts and his departure from his signature show.

How Nick Groff Became Fascinated with Supernatural Activities

His Childhood and Near-death Experience 

Groff, whose birth name is Nicholas Joshua Groff, was welcomed to the world on the 19th of April, 1980, in San Jose, California although he spent his formative years in Nashua, New Hampshire. He was born to a father named David who made a living as a lawyer and a mother named Maureen who worked as a nurse. He has an older sister named Dianna.

By his own accounts, Nick Groff was a hyperactive child who indulged in different sports such as soccer, swimming, and basketball. He also loved watching horror movies and would often curl up at the foot of his parent’s bed after a particularly scary one.

Groff thus enjoyed nothing short of an idyllic childhood until he had a near-death experience at the age of eight. On that particular day, the young boy had been swinging from a tree when the ropes cut. He fell onto a pile of rocks underneath the said tree and sustained grievous injuries. His saving grace was the fact that his mother, a trained nurse, saw him and quickly administered initial treatment before sending him to the hospital.

During his long journey to recovery, Groff surmised that there must be some truth to the supernatural phenomena. This was fueled by the fact that he had supposedly seen a ghost in his house while home alone a few years before the incident. While Groff has gone ahead to admit that he is not sure if it was his imagination that created the ghost, he gained an unquenchable and lifelong interest in investigating paranormal activity.

How He Has Been Able to Profit from Investigating Paranormal Activities

On completing his high school diploma, Nick Groff headed off to the University of Nevada to study filmmaking. He received his degree in 2002 and spent the next year traveling Europe. In 2004, he met fellow paranormal enthusiast, Zak Bagans, and they decided to investigate alleged paranormal activity around Virginia City, Nevada.

The duo hired Groff’s college buddy, Aaron Goodwin, and they spent the whole year on the project. The resultant effort was a documentary titled Ghost Adventures in 2004. The documentary was an overwhelming success and won several festival awards. It also served as a pilot for the hit TV series of the same name which premiered in 2008.

The Ghost Adventures series follows three friends, as well as other crew members, as they investigate haunted locations. They basically try to capture visual or auditory evidence of supernatural activity using various equipment. Since its inception, Ghost Adventures has consistently attracted high viewership and has also won several accolades. The show has, however, courted controversies including some spurious paranormal activity claims.

Nick Groff’s Early Struggles with The Supernatural, Family and Why He Left Ghost Adventures
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Why Nick Groff Left Ghost Adventurers

Nick Groff’s spent a total of ten years as the co-host, co-investigator, and executive producer of Ghost Adventures before departing from the show without much fanfare in 2014. Some reports suggested that he voluntarily left in order to host his own solo show while others say that he was fired from the show. Others, however, believe that there was a fallout between him and his long-term collaborator, Zak Bagans. According to propagators of this third belief, Bagans had grown quite egotistical over the years and stifled Groff’s attempts to make meaningful inputs into the show. This, therefore, forced him to cut his losses and move on.

While we may never know exactly what transpired, it seems that this third theory has some elements of truth in it. Back in 2016, Bagans released a series of tweets accusing an unnamed character of shamelessly using the Ghost Adventurers brand to promote his own endeavors. These tweets were curiously made at the time that Groff was launching his new show. The Californian was, however, unfazed and has forged on with his new endeavors.

Groff is now the producer and host of Paranormal Lockdown, a show that sees him and his co-host, Katrina Weidman, sequester themselves in a haunted location for 72 hours. He has also joined the cast of Destination America’s hit TV show, Ghosts of Shepherdstown.

Nick Groff’s Other Endeavors

Aside from his work on television, Nick Groff is also a budding entrepreneur. He has his own clothing brand, Phantom Collection, as well as a gym called Drive, Health & Fitness located in Methuen, Massachusetts. The TV host also published a book titled Chasing Spirits: The Building of the Ghost Adventure Crew, in 2012The memoir covered the experiences of him and his crew members during his time with the Ghost Adventures franchise.

Additionally, Nick Groff is also the founder of a music label known as Groff Entertainment. The company has produced songs and albums for some independent artists. It has also produced albums by him; the first being The Other Side while the second album is titled Spiritual War: Good vs Evil.

Details of Nick Groff’s Family Life

Nick Groff is married to his high school sweetheart, Veronique Roussel. The pair first met while they were studying at St. Patrick School, Pelham, New Hampshire. They got engaged in their senior year and eventually tied the knot in Las Vegas in 2004. The couple has since enjoyed a blissful union and welcomed two daughters; Chloe (b. in September 2014) and Annabelle (b. in December 2010).

It must be noted that Veronique has played a pivotal part in her husband’s career. She encouraged his first forays into filming paranormal activity. She also allegedly came up with the name Ghost Adventures which has now grown into a popular franchise.