Where Are ‘The Bachelors’ Nick and Vanessa Now?

Where Are ‘The Bachelors’ Nick and Vanessa Now?

The Bachelors is an American reality television show that focuses on dating and building relationships. The show which is hosted by Chris Harrison began airing on ABC on the 25th of March 2002 and still runs to date. Over the years and through its various seasons, The Bachelors has starred many would-be couples some of which ended up becoming couples and others who didn’t. In this regard, one of the most successful pairs we have seen on the show so far is Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici who not only got engaged but went on to get married and now have 2 kids together. Another pair/couple from The Bachelors which has also been of interest to viewers is the duo of Nick and Vanessa. Their full names are Nicholas Joseph Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi.

The two were seen on the show beginning on the 2nd of January 2017 till the 2nd of March of the same year. As their relationship went on, they did get engaged but sadly called it quits after a few months. In this article, you are going to learn all there is to know about their respective lives, their relationship, what caused the breakup, whether or not they have moved on with their love lives, and what else they are up with at the moment.

Who is Nick Joseph Vail?

His full name is Nicholas Joseph Viall and he is an American actor, model, and television star born on the 29th day of September 1980 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. His parents are named Mary and Christopher. Nick is the second child in their family where he has 10 other siblings: 6 sisters (Jessica, Sarah, Maria, Teressa, Olivia, and Bella) and 4 brothers (Luke, James, Peter, and Samuel).

For his education, Nick Vail (as he is more popularly known) attended Waukesha North High School and later proceeded to the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. In both his high school and college, he was an athletic student who excelled in track and field events. Notably, in high school, Nick was the 800-meter run champion at WIAA State Track & Field Championship and also set a school record for the 3,200-meter relay while in college.

Nick (before his Bachelors’ fame) was seen as a contestant on The Bachelorette (2014-2015) in seasons 10 and 11; 21 episodes in all and Bachelor in Paradise (2016) in seasons 3; 11 episodes. Other shows The Bachelors’ star has appeared on include Dancing with the Stars (as a contestant in season 24), Speechless (as Tyson in episode: B-i-Bikini U-n-University), and A Christmas Cruise (as Bob in the TV movie) all in 2017. After his bachelor’s fame, he appeared on General Hospital (2018) as Nick in episode: #1.14082 and later as John in the American sitcom titled Teachers in the episode: Wake and Blake.

Who is Vanessa Grimaldi?

Vanessa shares the same birthday with Nick as she was also born on the 29th of September. She is however much younger compared to Nick as she was born in the year 1987 in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. Unlike her bachelor’s partner, her family is a much smaller one comprising of her parents named Pat and Mary, and her two younger siblings named Melissa and Patrick. Her parents are however reportedly divorced.

Careerwise, Vanessa is a special education teacher and of course a reality TV star and actress. Her acting skills are seen in the Blue Mountain State (2010) comedy series, Being Human (2011 as Lola), and Ascension (2014 as New Stewardess). She, however, got more famous as one pair of the duo Nick and Vanessa from The Bachelors’ show.

Where Are ‘The Bachelors’ Nick and Vanessa Now?
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Where Are They Now?

Nick and Vanessa were on The Bachelors’ reality TV show from January 2nd to March 13, 2017. As the love between the duo grew, everything seemed fine both to them and to their fans as a result of which a lot of people were looking up to their engagement. The engagement did happen and as usual, fans were looking forward to Nick and Vanessa starting a family. Sadly, that didn’t come to fruition.

A few months after their appearance on The Bachelors’, Nick and Vanessa broke up. They announced this on August 25, 2017, and have since then gone on to pursue other things in their lives. Vanessa, as reports have it, now has a man in her life who she met 8 months after she broke up with Nick. She lives in Canada now and is also doing well in her teaching career.

Vanessa’s new man is said to be from Montreal, Canada and he works in the military. Further details revealed about him have it that he shares a lot of similarities with his partner. In addition, they both seem to have a perfect understanding of each other. Something that Nick and Vanessa probably lacked.

Nick, on the other hand, is also said to be dating someone else but not much is known about the new woman in his life. In response to Vanessa having moved on, Nick responded that he is happy she has found someone. The duo also holds no grudge against each other. Careerwise, Nick is looking forward to landing more roles on TV shows and films. He still lives in the US.

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