Nicole Beharie – Biography and Personal Details, Movies and TV Shows

Right from the onset, Nicole Beharie made it known that she was in Hollywood to stand out. For her first ever film role as Dee Roberts in 2008’s Amerian Violet, Beharie won the African-American Film Critics Best Actress Award and also received three Black Reel Awards nomination in the category of Best Actress, Best Breakthrough Performance, and Best Ensemble. Beharie has since gone on to prove that her performance in American Violet was not a fluke. She has managed to maintain a steady activity both in the big and small screens. TV show lovers would most remember her for her role as Abbie Mills in FOX’s Sleepy Hollow which saw her character killed off rather controversially in the penultimate season.

Nicole Beharie – Biography

Nicole Beharie, also referred to alternatively as Nicole Browne was born on the 3rd of January 1985 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Born to a father who worked in the Foreign Service, Beharie had to travel a lot as a child and spent different times in her childhood in Nigeria, Jamaica, United Kingdom, and Panama. However, when it was time for high school, Beharie didn’t have to jump schools at all as she had come to settle in South Carolina. She settled in the state’s Orangeburg also known as the Garden City and attended her Orangeburg Wilkinson High School.

Nicole Beharie had, before her high school years developed a passion, for the arts. During her childhood years when she had to travel often, Beharie kept herself entertained by playing dress up with her little brother and other times just putting up shows together.

The aspiring actress honed her artistic skills at the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts & Humanities from where she graduated in 2003. Up next was the prestigious Julliard School in Manhattan, New York City. Being a part of the drama division at the performing arts conservatory, Nicole Beharie left the school in 2007 with a Shakespeare scholarship which availed her the opportunity to train in England.

Movies And TV Shows

Fresh out of Julliard, Nicole Beharie immediately launched her professional acting career in 2008 and it didn’t take long before she turned heads. Beharie hit it big with her debut role in the 2008 film, American Violet, a role she’d later confess to never believing she could land. The film, as directed by Tim Disney is about a certain Regina Kelly who found herself caught in the web of Texas police drug enforcement strategies. As evidenced in her accolades, Beharie more than aced the role.

The actress has since been on a flyer. 2008 also saw her act in a lesser known sports film, The Express: The Ernie Davis Story. The following year in 2009, Nicole Beharie began taking up small screen gigs. Her first was a role in Three Rivers. She had a role in the 2010 TV movie, Sins of the Mother before landing small parts in The Good Wife and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

In 2011, Nicole Beharie appeared in two films; My Last Day Without You and Shame. Of the two, the former seemed to have been more successful. In addition to playing the role of Leticia Johnson, Beharie also contributed her vocals to the soundtrack contributing to about 5 songs, one of which received a Black Reel Awards nomination for Best Song.

In 2012, Beharie acted in about four lesser-known projects and in 2013 her fame went a notch higher with her role in Sleepy Hollow which proved to be an instant hit. Beharie’s character, Abbie Mills was controversially killed off in the season 3 episode finale sparking many criticisms from viewers with many linking her character’s death to sexism and others to racism.

However, Nicole Beharie herself would later post a video through her Instagram account explaining why she left the show. The actress revealed the reason to be her deteriorating health as she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at the start of the show. She pointed out her erratic weight and rash at different times in the show as signs of the illness. Nicole Beharie further said that she took the break from the show in order to focus on her health. Thankfully, her recovery process didn’t take too long as the actress was soon back in the saddle with roles in the films Monsters and Men (2018) and Jacob’s Ladder (2019).


Personal Details

Nicole Beharie previously dated renowned famous actor, Michael Fassbender. The pair met on the set of the 2011 film Shame, which they both appeared in and by 2012 they had begun a romantic relationship. However, by early 2013, the pair had gone their separate ways and in 2017 Fassbender married Swedish actress, Alicia Vikander.

Nicole Beharie is obviously of a petite frame, a physical attribute she says didn’t deter her from bossing her mates around when she was a kid. She stands at just 5 feet 3 inches tall.

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