Nicole Threatt Wiki, Career as Attorney, Kids, Race, Ethnicity, Married, Husband

Nicole Threatt is the woman who has been behind rapper and record producer Dr. Dre for donkey years now. She is simply Dre’s ride or dies, having been together for over two decades… Not many Hollywood couples can boast of staying together for that long. Much is known about Dr. Dre and the exploits he has made in the music industry like helping to launch the careers of big names like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cents, Snoop Dogg, and more. However, Dre seems to be uber private when it comes to his personal life. On that note, let’s explore some facts about the woman closest to him, his wife Nicole Threatt.

Nicole Threatt Wiki, Race/Ethnicity

Not being a celebrity herself, not much is known about Nicole’s early life. In fact, it was her marriage to Dre that made her popular and even so the fashion at which she became the rapper’s girl..more on that anon.

Nicole was born in the United States on 1 January 1970. Nicole Threatt is not her maiden name. She got the surname Threatt from her marriage to retired NBA star Sedale Threatt. She is now referred to as Nicole Young, that is from Dre’s real name Andre Romelle Young. Though her marriage to Dr drew more attention to her, Nicole has managed to maintain her privacy, giving little to nothing away when it comes to her personal life.

From her looks, Nicole appears to hail from a mixed ethnicity.

Nicole Threatt Career as Attorney

One of the major things known about Nicole is that she attended law school and even had a career as an attorney. However, upon her marriage to Dre, she stopped practicing. Who needs to appear in the law court to make money when your husband is a hip-hop mogul with a net worth of over $800 million? Nicole is definitely covered for life, as long as she stays married to Dre. However, she could be working on something else, maybe serving in one of her husband’s businesses, who knows? Her uber private life makes it very difficult to tell what she’s involved in.

Nicole Threatt Married/Husband

Before marrying Dre, Nicole was married to now-retired NBA player Sedale Threatt who is best known for his time with the Los Angeles Lakers. They married sometime in 1992 and three years later they divorced.

When Nicole met Dre in 1995, she was still married to Threatt, many speculate that it was the iconic gangster love letter that Dre wrote her that caused her to split from Sedale. At the time Dre wrote her the letter, he and Hype Williams were scouting for a location to shoot the music video for Tu Pac’s “California Love.”

In the letter, Dre asks Nicole to leave Sedale for him.

The opening of the letter reads; “Hopefully you doing well and you realized you need to quit fucking with Sedale and come home to your doctor. I will take care of you, baby girl.”

Dre’s words seemed to have caught Nicole as she was ready to walk down the aisle with Dre a year after that letter. The couple tied the knot in 1996. That same year, Dre took a huge step to become more independent when he left Death Row Records to establish his own record label, Aftermath Entertainment.

Nicole Threatt Kids

Nicole shares two kids with Dre; a son Truice Young born in 1997 and daughter Truly Young, born in 2001. She is also the stepmother of Dre’s other four kids from four different women.

They include Curtis Young, born in 1981 when Dre was just 16 years old, daughter La Tanya Danielle Young born in 1983, son Marcel born in 1991. Dre’s other son Andre Young born in 1988 died on August 23rd, 2008 from heroin and morphine overdose.