Where Is WWE Nikki Cross from, What Is Her Age and Height?

Where Is WWE Nikki Cross from, What Is Her Age and Height?

Looking at Nikki Cross in the ring, you may be tempted to dismiss her as a pushover. Her stature often deceives opponents, misleading them to think little of her capability, especially at the first meeting. This has always subjected those fated to face her in the ring to a rude awakening, as they normally get defeated and brought to the realization of what she can do. Nikki has displayed such feats countless times since her debut in the ring in 2008. Unsurprisingly, it has left many wondering where she’s from.

What Is Her Real Name And Age?

Nikki Cross was born on April 21, 1989, and named Nicole Glencross; her place of birth was in Glasgow, Scotland. Nicola, however, chose Nikki Cross as her stage/ring name. She is also known by other names like Nikki Storm and Nikki Glencross.

Where Is Nikki Cross From?

Nikki Cross is a Scottish female wrestler, who hails from Glasgow, one of the biggest cities in Scotland. There are no defined records of Nikki’s childhood in her home country, but her college education and early wrestling career are well recorded. She was reported to have attended the University of Glasgow to obtain a bachelor’s degree in history.

Nikki picked interest in wrestling at the age of 10. She gave this detail in an interview with the Miami Herald. According to the wrestler, she watched a wrestling match for the first time just a few months after her 10th birthday. It was her older sister who gave her the opportunity, she recalled. As she watched, she was so thrilled that she made the decision to become a professional wrestler. This prompted her to enroll in a wrestling school in her hometown, Glasgow.

Nikki Cross eventually became a wrestler with Scottish Wrestling Alliance and won The EVE championship title three times; records have it that she is the longest-reigning champion in the division. Apart from making wrestling her career, it is important to note that she engages in other sports. Back in high school, she played hockey and was a dancer.

Is Nikki Cross Married?

As Nikki becomes more famous, a lot of people get more interested in knowing certain things about her, like the details of her love life. Nicola Glencross is a married woman; she is married to her WWE/NXT colleague and long-time boyfriend, Damian Mackle. Damian Mackle is known in the ring with the name Killian Dain.

Where Is WWE Nikki Cross from, What Is Her Age and Height?
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From what we gathered, the duo exchanged vows sometime in January 2019, in a low-key ceremony that had a few celebrities in attendance. Some of the popular individuals who graced the occasion are coaches like Robbie Brookside, Johnny Moss, and Joe Coffey. The event took place in Glasgow, Scotland.

As though she was out to end the speculations being made about her marital status, Nikki Cross took to social media and shared their wedding pictures alongside other photos they had together since they started dating way back in 2008. Before they got married, she had narrated how they both met in an interview. Nikki explained how she took Killian to the movie and they both watched Mamma Mia,  which she says he liked. She also did not forget the memorable moment when they had their first kiss in a nightclub; and now, many years later, the couple continues to grow stronger by the day.

Nikki Cross’ Height And Other Body Measurements

Nicole isn’t massive when judged by her height, but she is sure tall enough to stand her ground, even with the tallest female wrestler out there. This shows that height is not considered too much of a big deal in wrestling. She is 5 feet 3 inches in height which is very perfect for her weight which she maintains around 51kg.

Nikki’s bust reportedly measures 37 inches. Researching further into her body statistics, we also discovered that her hips measure 35 inches and her waist, 26 inches. It is said that the wrestler wears bra size 42D by US standard and 95D by EU standard.

In addition to the foregoing, there are body features that stand the wrestler out in a crowd. They include her dark brown hair which may be mistaken as black. Nikki possesses one of the sternest pairs of brown eyes, and they are largely responsible for her menacing look in the ring.

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