5 Things You Didn’t Know About Nikko Jenkins and His Family

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Nikko Jenkins and His Family

100 years ago, the Levering family members, known for their long-standing good reputation, were a highly respected family in Omaha, Nebraska. One of their ancestors, Levi Levering, was the town’s tribal leader with his influence reaching as far as Washington D.C. However, the tables turned and the clan recorded many violent and criminal acts which include child neglect, drug abuse, theft, and murder. Levi’s great-grandson, Nikko Jenkins, and his family are an example of how bad things have become. Nikko is currently on death row for the murder of four innocent people and some of his family members were also charged in relation to the killings perpetrated by him.

Sadly, the shining reputation of the family has in recent times been marred by violence, crime, lawlessness, and drug abuse. A report by the World-Herald revealed that 38 descendants of Levering have been found guilty of about 633 criminal offenses in the past 4 decades, not to mention the offenses that ended in mistrials, dropped charges, and acquittals.

What Do We Know About Nikko Jenkins Family?

Jenkins was born on September 16, 1986, in the U.S state of Colorado to Lori Jenkins and David Magee. Both parents are convicted felons and have served time in different prisons. Magee passed away in 2009.

Nikko was raised alongside his five other siblings in Nebraska. Three of Nikko’s sisters are convicted felons – Erica is a convicted murderer and is serving her life sentence at the Nebraska Center for Women, Lori Sayles was implicated in the murder carried out by Erica, and Melonie was jailed on the grounds of being a terroristic threat.

Warren Levering, Nikko’s uncle, was recently released from a prison in Oklahoma. Warren has also done some time in a Nebraska prison too. Despite all of his previous incarcerations, he was named as an accomplice in one of the murders perpetrated by Nikko.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Nikko Jenkins and His Family
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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Nikko Jenkins

1. Criminal History

The name Nikko Jenkins is a familiar one in the United States criminal justice system. He entered the system at a tender age of seven after he was caught with a concealed handgun on school grounds. Ever since he has been in and out of juvenile prison for a wide range of criminal offenses ranging from deadly assaults to violence.

In 2013, shortly after leaving a youth detention facility, he was arrested and sentenced to jail for a two-count charge of armed carjacking. Jenkins was also charged twice while in prison for assaulting a guard on duty and for participating in a prison riot.

He was later released on parole after serving almost half of his 21 years prison sentence. Less than a month of his release, Jenkins was arrested in connection to a series of murders done in Omaha.

2. Religion

The notorious criminal is a firm worshipper of the Egyptian god Apophis. Jenkins testified before a court that the four killings for which he was facing trial for were done in service of Apophis. The snake demon according to him required the blood sacrifices of the people he killed.

Sometime in April 2015, Nikko attempted to carve “666” into his face but ended up with the number “999”. In June of the same year, he cut into his face the word “Satan” and then went on to carve his tongue into a serpent-like shape. Reports have it that he unsuccessfully tried carrying out the same dastardly act on his penis. All of this he claimed were instructions given to him by Apophis.

3. Spouse

This may be extremely difficult to believe but Nikko Jenkins is married. Nikko, whether happily or not, is married to Chalonda Jenkins, who has done some time in prison already for an offense she committed.

Chalonda has remained a strong supporter and advocate of her husband over the years. The embattled wife still maintains that her husband is a victim of the justice system. According to her, the system has failed in providing a solution to her husband’s mental illness.

4. Ethnicity

Nikko Jenkins’s ancestry can be traced to a tribe in Omaha, Nebraska in the United States of America. He hails from the Amazon in America which is where his lineage can be traced to.

5. Nikko Jenkins Height

Nikko has an average body build coupled with a good physique. He stands tall at an estimated height of 5 feet 8 inches. His unique features make it easy for him to overpower his prey and finish them off.