No Good Nick Cast Won’t be Returning for Season 2 of the Netflix Comedy

It seems to have the most suitable storyline and setting but No Good Nick‘s cast has turned out to be one of the inappropriate aspects of the series. No Good Nick has been found wanting in its casting and this same casting factor has contributed to the show’s seemingly discouraging ratings. The reason being that the type of cast members chosen does not entirely match the theme of the series. People who have viewed the show would gradually nod their heads to this notion or at least admit to noticing such irregularity.

As Nicole successfully convinces the Thompson family that she is an orphaned distant relative of theirs with the ulterior motive of getting revenge on them, viewers of the show immediately got glued to their screens as they followed the subtly chilling theme of the series.

It goes on, after she gets accepted and subsequently acquainted with the family, she starts to feel some sort of compassion for them and also started having a change of heart about her revenge plan. Nicole’s final decision, as well as how things go with her and the Thompsons is what fans are looking forward to seeing in the next season. But before we dwell more on that, let’s get to know all about the show’s casting.

No Good Nick Cast

Siena Agudong (Nicole)

She plays the lead character Nicole Patterson (or Nick for short) who unexpectedly knocks on the door of the Thompsons and introduces herself as an orphan. She goes on to tell them that they are the only relatives she has. They agree.

Melissa Joan Hart (Liz)

She plays Mrs Thompson, the mother of the family. Liz is a chef and owns a restaurant where she runs her business.

Lauren Lindsey Donzis (Molly)

On the show, Lauren plays the role of a student, an environmental activist and the youngest child of the Thompsons.

Kalama Epstein (Jeremy)

He is the eldest child of the Thompsons. Jeremy is the only one who is suspicious of Nicole and possibly her plans as well. He later comes out as gay as the story develops.

Sean Astin (Ed)

He is the head of the Thompson household and father of Molly and Jeremy. Ed works as an officer in a bank.

What Went Wrong With No Good Nick Cast?

It is no news that that several reviews fingered the show’s casting as a conspicuous undermining factor and called for re-consideration by the producers. It is not certain what the conclusion is, but many reports have suggested that some of the cast members won’t be returning in the second season.

Although a second season has not been confirmed by Netflix, the return of the cast is highly debatable from the look of things. Already, Melissa Joan Hart is making her way to Nickelodeon for the animated series, The Casagrandes. Melissa who plays the matriarch of the Thompson household also starred in Nickelodeon’s Clarissa Explains It All. Another Nickelodeon star in the series also is Siena Agudong. Siena played a lead role in Nickelodeon’s comedy series, Star Falls.

The assertions above that some of the characters are Nickleoden stars only draw our attention towards the possible reasons behind the speculations of a no-return of the cast and possibly the show.

Will There Be A Second Season?

Apart from talks about the casting, there are also speculations revolving around the return of No Good Nick on our screens. Some reports have said that the show has been canceled by Netflix after the first season and won’t be making a return. These reports have also, been fueled by the streaming giant’s silence on the renewal of the show.

The first season of the show was split into two and the first installment premiered in April 2019. The second part came in August. Ears are still on the ground as many are still hoping to hear something positive on its renewal for a second season.

But with reports that No Good Nick’s casting is being questioned, it is feared that there may not be a second season. More so, there have been no comments by the show’s creator David H. Steinberg on all these reports. However, fingers are crossed as we continue to dig for more information.