Numa Numa Guy (Gary Brolsma) – Biography, Facts, Where Is He Now?

Gary Brolsma also known as the Numa Numa Guy is best known for the Numa Numa dance he introduced to the world through a video he uploaded in December 2004 where he lip-synched a song and gave lively gesticulations to it. The video received 2 million views in the first two months of its release.

The views continued to grow and by 2005 it had had about 160 million views. All these statistics show that the video was one of the most viral videos to hit the internet in all its history. The video would later make it to 700 million views by 2006. It also received a lot of recognition from different platforms such as notching the 41st position in the 2006 rankings of 100 Greatest Funny Moments by Channel 4 in the UK. It ranked number 1 in VH1s Top 40 Internet Superstars.

Asides being a vlogger, Gary is a great web designer and musician. He released an album in 2008 titled Weird Tempo. Sadly, the album wasn’t a hit like his’s video. Gary released the Numa Numa 10-Year Union – a decade after the original and on the same platform as the first. It was also a lip-synching but this time of major hits like Katie Perry’s Fireworks and ‘s Shake It Off.

Numa Numa Guy’s Bio

Numa Numa Guy was born Gary Brolsma on the 14th day of January 1986. He was born in Saddle Brook, New Jersey but the identity of his parents are not known, neither is it known if he has any siblings or where he grew up. However, judging from the educational institution he completed his high school at, it can be infered that he spent most of his formative years in his birth town, New Jersey. He attended Bergen County Technical High School from where he graduated in 2004 and since then nothing has been heard of any other academic pursuits by Brolsma.

Gary’s career began in a rather uncommon way. It was born out of boredom. As a teenager who just graduated from high school, he had little to do, hence he was bored. When he couldn’t bear the boredom, he decided to make a webcast of himself lip-synching to the popular O Zone band song, Dragostea Din Tei. During the course of the video, he brought up new dance moves to the song, the moves were both lively and goofy. He titled the video Numa Numa Dance and uploaded it on on December 6, 2004.

Just a regular video, he might have said, I wonder who would watch it. However, to his astonishment, the video quickly went viral. Obviously, its contents caught the attention of so many people and two months after its release, it had an amazing 2 million views. The views continued to grow as it soon hit 160 million. At this time, many people had begun to create parodies of the video. The Numa Numa Guy began to gain so much fame and recognition as his video was reposted on various other social media platforms.

Soon after, he decided that it was time for a contest. He named the contest, New Numa Contest and offered $45,000 for submissions. The Numa Numa Dance video not only popularised Gary Brolsma but gave him intense media coverage. He was interviewed by newspapers, magazines and television stations. Various mainstream media brought Gary on their shows and some of them include ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and VH1’s Best Week Ever.

Gary’s video was so successful that it became the second most viral video to hit the internet, with record-breaking views of 700 million. 10 years later, in 2014, Gary Brolsma made another video called Numa Numa 10-Year Reunion where he lip-synched some famous songs. The statistics on views for his second video is not known, however, it is obvious that it couldn’t compete with its prequel. In addition to vlogging, Numa Numa Guy is a web designer and a musician with an album to show for it.

Other Facts About Numa Numa Guy 



The love life of celebrities is always the interest of many. It sometimes gives them additional fame and popularity. Gary Brolsma, the celebrity subject of this article has not revealed anything concerning his relationship status. It is not known if he has a girlfriend or a wife. He has also not been spotted with a particular lady regularly that would suggest that a romantic relationship is on course.


Family is one of the most important aspects of a person’s existence. It shapes one’s life and usually determines a lot about a person. Unfortunately, especially for his fans who would love to know more about their favorite vlogger, there is no information available about the family of the celebrity as he has kept that part of his life very private.


Net Worth

With the viral nature and massive recognition of the Numa Numa Dance video, it is expected that he has amassed a considerable amount of wealth. Gary has also put out a music album which must have brought in some income after sales. Currently, it is expected that he should be enjoying financial stability with his salary over the years and his net worth. As of 2018, Gary was estimated to have a net worth of $50,000 but his annual income is still unknown at this time.

Where Is Numa Numa Guy Now?

This is an interesting question, especially for Gary Brolsma’s fans. They would want to know where the chubby internet star is and what he has been up to. Unfortunately, their questions can’t be answered at this time. The last time Gary was seen by public eyes was in 2014, since then, no information has surfaced about him. It is also not known what he has been up to.

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